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60 Summoning is required to go through the Queen Black Dragon's portal, but it is also recommended that you are at least 120 combat.

We recommend at least level 90 in the following skills: Attack, Strength, Defence and Ranged.

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Preparation / Equipment:

There are two ways to kill the Queen Black Dragon: ranged or melee. Ranged means slower kills, but you get hit less. Melee results in faster kills with a bit more risk.
I recommend using melee as you will kill faster so you will have less time to screw things up.

Also keep in mind that the Queen Black Dragon must be fought solo. As a result you can't bring some friends to help, but you also can't get rushed.


Melee setup


Ranged setup

Notes: I know I ask a lot of skills and quests for these set-ups. But to be honest, if you can't get these items, you don't stand a single chance against the Queen Black Dragon. So get those Dragonbane bolts by completing the Ritual of the Mahjarrat!
The Remora's necklace doesn't give stats, but it absorbs some damage from the Queen Black Dragon.
If you don't bring an Anti-dragon or a Dragonfire shield, you have to use super antifire potions.



Beast of Burden: 1 combat familiar pouch OR 1 healing familiar pouch + scrolls (optional)
Fill the remaining space with Saradomin brew flasks.

Note: You will have to balance the amount Super restores VS the amount of Saradomin brews. Most players take 1 Super restore for 3 Saradomin brews.

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Getting to the Grotworm Lair:

The Grotworm Lair is a cave that is located Northeast of Rimmington. The easiest way to get there, if you completed Song from the Depths, is to use Ramora's Amulet to teleport right outside of the Lair. Alternatively, you could use a Rimmington tablet to teleport directly to Rimmington, or if you have your house set at Rimmington, to use the House teleport spell. Or you could use the Port Sarim lodestone, which is free and unlimited.

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Grotworm Lair / QBD Entrance:

Once you get inside the Grotworm Lair, you will need to head down to the bottom floor, which if you have 60 Agility, you can use the shortcut to head straight down. Once down, there will be a portal near the start to take you straight to the Queen Black Dragon herself.


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Various attack types

Attack type Information Max hit
'Normal' dragonfire Just like any dragon, the Queen Black dragon uses Dragon breath. Her's is however a little bit stronger. It is even so strong it can charge a Dragonfire shield in one attack, where it would take 50 attacks of a normal dragon. 900+ without dragonfire protection. About 200 with Dragonfire shield/anti-dragon shield + antifire potions.
Super dragonfire (Only used in phase 4) The Queen Black Dragon will fire a dragon breath attack at the middle of the platform. The closer you are the more you get hit. Move out of the way as fast as possible! 1000+ (unblockable)
Fire wave The chat box will will display "The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath." in orange. Walls of fire will appear with only one gap in it. Run through the gap. 2 times about 200 if you fail to get through the gap
Melee The Queen Black Dragon will use melee if you are between her and the first artifact. 475 (protection prayers block all damage)
Ranged The Queen Black Dragon attacks with ranged even if you are in melee range. 525 (protection prayers block all damage)


  • Tortured souls The message "The Queen Black Dragon releases one of its captured souls." appears in purple in your chatbox.
    A tortured soul will spawn next to you and cast a spell on the other side of you. This spell will move one square to you each game tick. You can run through the soul and the spell will hit the soul.

    Sometimes a soul will go stand in a corner and start saying something about time freeze. You have to kill it as fast as possible! Use your dragon claws spec if you have it.
    If you let it finish it's incantations it will freeze time for about 7 secondes. You will be unable to move but the Queen Black Dragon keeps on hitting. You got a 90% chance on dying if you let this happen!
  • Grotworms At the end of each phase, you will have to touch an artifact. Every second you wait to activate it, the Queen Black Dragon will spawn a giant grotwrom.
    Just like normal grotworms these use a very accurate magic attack.

Crystal form: Occasionally the Queen Black Dragon crystallizes. This makes her weaker to melee and ranged.

Hardened Carapace: Sometimes she will harden her carapace. This makes her weaker to magic.

I suggest you just ignore these last 2 things as taking magic equipment with you is a waste of inventory space.

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The four phases

  1. Phase 1:
    During this phase the Queen Black Dragon uses melee, ranged, dragonfire and a single firewall.
    Hit her with melee while dodging the firewalls. Use dreadnips as much as possible. They will hit the Queen while you are running around dodging her attacks. When her lifepoints bar (at the top of your screen) is almost empty, switch to your crossbow and go stand next to the dragonkin artifact, which is in the center of the platform.
    When the lifepoints bar drops to zero, touch the artifact as soon as possible to start phase 2.
  2. Phase 2:
    First, kill the grotworms the Queen spawned at the end of the last phase.
    This phase the Queen will use melee, ranged, dragonfire, double firewall and she will spawn a tortured soul.
    Start with killing that soul. Then follow the same tactic as in phase one. Just keep in mind that the firewall is double.
    This time you have to touch the left artifact.
  3. Phase 3:
    Very similar to phase 2. The only difference is the fact she spawns 2 tortured souls and she uses a tripple firewall.
    The right artifact this time.
  4. Phase 4:
    Be carefull! This is the hardest phase. The Queen will summon 4 tortured souls and one of these will sometimes use the time freeze attack. Kill that one as soon as possible!
    The good news: she will use 'only' a tripple firewall. Worse news: she uses a new and powerfull dragonfire attack which is aimed at the middle artifact. Move out of its range as soon as possible as it can kill you very fast.
    Touch the last artifact (between those from phase 2 and 3) and the Queen Black Dragon will fall asleep and the first artifact will rise, revealing the stairs to the reward room.

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Tips and tricks

  • Use protect/deflect from ranged. When the grotworms spawn, switch to protect/deflect from magic.
  • Use the turmoil curse to get maximum damage.
  • You can run diagonally through the gaps in the fire walls, which makes it easier to run through the next gap.
  • If you know you can't make it through that gap, just run straight to the Queen through the fire wall. It will hit only once instead of twice if you use this tactic.
  • Burn 5 magic logs on a bonfire to get a 10% lifepoints boots for 60 minutes.
  • If you are really low on health, run out of melee range. This way you only have to tank the dragonfire attack.
  • When you got rid of the grotworms, souls, etc, switch to soulsplit when you are attacking and switch back to deflect ranged when the Queen attacks. This can save you some Saradomin brews.
  • Use dreadnips as much as possible. They will hit the Queen while you are running around dodging her attacks.

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The Queen Black Dragon is the only monster to drop the Dragon kiteshield and the parts of the royal crossbow.

More information about the drops can be found here.

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