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Setting Up A Bank PIN:

The first thing you should do when using your bank is set up a bank PIN. This PIN must be entered before your bank can be accessed and will help to prevent your items being taken from your account is ever hijacked.

  1. To set up a PIN, talk to any banker and choose the second option.

    Banker's Options

  2. A Bank PIN settings screen will pop up, select "Set A Pin".

    Banker PIN Settings

  3. Now, select "Yes, I really want a Bank PIN. I will never forget it!."


  4. The next screen will prompt you to enter the Bank PIN you would like to use. Select the digits of your Bank PIN. To ensure you that you clicked one of the numbers, a helpful reminder has been added to the top right hand corner of the corner. One of the 4 "?" marks will change into a "*", each time you enter a digit. Due to security reasons the numbers will change order while you enter the digits.

    Note: Do not use your birthday, cellphone PIN or real-life bank PIN as your RuneScape Bank PIN as some of your friends or relatives might know this information and might try to hack into your bank account.

    Enter PIN

    If you enter a too easy PIN number (e.g. 3333), the following message will appear:

    Too Easy PIN

  5. Once you have entered your Bank PIN, you will be prompted to enter it once more as a confirmation. Due to security reason, you will have to wait seven days before you will be able to use your Bank PIN. Even if your Bank PIN is pending, you will be able to access your bank, but you will be asked if you have set a Bank PIN and if you want to continue.

    If you enter the wrong Bank PIN, the following message will appear.

    Wrong PIN

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Bank PIN Menu:

When you have created your Bank PIN you may use the settings menu to check on the status of your Bank PIN. Simply talk to a banker to access your Bank PIN settings. You can use this menu if you wish to delete your (pending) Bank PIN, change your Bank PIN or want to change how long it will take to recover a lost PIN.

Bank PIN Control Area

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Bank Basics:

Banks are used to store many items. You may check how many items you have in your bank by looking in the upper right hand corner of the bank interface. Non-members have a total of 83 bank slots, while members have a total of 496 bank slots (or 871 if bank boosters are purchased from Solomon's Store). To access your bank, simply click on a Banker, Bank booth or Bank chest.

Bank Booth

To store an item in your bank, click on the item in your inventory you want to deposit. It wil then appear in your bank. To store more than one of an item right-click the item and choose the number you would like to deposit.

Deposit Items

To withdraw an item from your bank, click on the item in your bank and it will appear in your inventory. To withdraw more than one of an item right-click the item and choose the amount you would like to withdraw.

Withdraw Items

You may also check on your Grand Exchange offers at a bank by selecting "Collect Bank booth".

Grand Exchange Offers

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Bank Tabs:

Bank tabs will help you to organize your bank. You may have up to 8 bank tabs at a time. The "All" tab, marked with the infinity symbol, will show you every item and tab that you have in your bank. To add a new tab, drag an item into the tab marked with the "+" sign. The first item you drag, will then appear in the tab and will mark the tab. To add more items to that tab simply drag more items into it. If you click on any tab it will show the items you have moved to it. To remove a tab, right-click the and select "Collapse tab". If you remove a tab all the items that were in that tab will moved to the "All" tab. A tab will also be removed if you remove all the items from it.

Bank Tabs

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Bank Buttons:

At the bottom of your bank, you will see a bar containing a selection of different buttons.

Bank Options

These buttons are:


Search button

As you store more and more items, it may become difficult to find what you're looking for. By clicking this button, you can type in the name of an item to find it instantly.

Bank PIN:

Bank PIN button

You can click this button to quickly access your PIN settings.

Preset Options:

Preset Options button

Click on this button to open up the Preset Setup Menu. This allows you to set up and save a number of inventory, armor and clothing presets which you can then quickly load up and automatically equip without having to withdraw and equip the items manually.

Preset 1:

Preset 1 button

Click this button to quickly load your first equipment preset.

Preset 2:

Preset 2 button

Click this button to quickly load your second equipment preset.

Note Item:


Click this button to withdraw stackable items in noted form. Notes cannot be used for anything, but they allow you to withdraw a large number of items at once.

Deposit Inventory:

Carried Items

Click this button to deposit all currently items in your inventory into your bank at once.

Deposit Worn Items:

Worn Items

Click this button to deposit all items you are currently wearing into your bank at once.

Deposit Beast of Burden:

Beast of Burden

Click this button to deposit all items currently stored in a summoned Beast of Burden familiar into your bank at once.

Deposit Money Pouch:

Money pouch button

Click this button to deposit the contents of your Money Pouch into your bank.

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