Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
25 Ranged
Good Thieving and 55 Agility is an advantage
Must beat three level 112 demons
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Any Bow and Arrows (except god, ice, ogre, dark, and broad), Spade, 2 Ropes, Armor, and a Weapon. It is advised to take a bow and arrows that you do not mind dropping.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Tinderbox (if you don't have one in your Toolbelt).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne teleport method, Catspeak amulet, one-click teleport method, Prayer potions, and Food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
3K Agility XP, 3K Attack XP, Iban's staff, access to the Underground Pass, the ability to use the Iban Blast spell, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Second floor of the castle in East Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to King Lathas.
  1. Travel to East Ardougne and ask King Lathas, the second floor of the castle, if his scouts have found a way through the mountains. He will say that they have found a pathway but that a group of cultists, lead by Lord Iban, have settled there. The king will ask you to find a way through the caverns and direct you to his scout in West Ardougne.

    Note: The easiest way to reach East Ardougne is by using the Ardougne teleport spell (requires 51 Magic and completion of the Plague City quest), by using Home Teleport then selecting the Ardougne lodestone or by using the Spirit Tree transportation system (requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest)

    King Lathas

  2. Access West Ardougne through the large wall door and head all the way west until you have reached a cave entrance. Talk to Koftik, wandering around the entrance, and he will confirm that he is the scout you are looking for. The scout will tell you that you will have to go through the underground pass and to meet up with him at the bridge inside of the cave.


  3. Enter the cave and you will come to a swamp, flanked by 2 small corridors (See the Underground Pass map). You now have 2 options to get across. Either walk across the swamp without stepping onto the bubbles. The second and safest option is to climb across the rockslides in one of the corridors using your Agility skills. The easiest way is by clicking on the other side of the swamp. You will then simply walk across and automatically avoid all of the bubbles.

    Note: If you step onto a bubble you will be sucked down and end up in a maze where you will have to climb over a number of rockslides to reappear at the entrance of the dungeon. If you fail to climb the rockslides you will take 30 damage.


  4. Once on the other side of the swamp, you will meet up with Koftik near a raised drawbridge. Talk to him and he will give you a Damp cloth. Use it on one of the arrows you brought to produce a fire arrow. Talk to him again to receive another damp cloth and repeat the process until you have created a couple fire arrows. Use these arrows on nearby fire to set them alight.


  5. Take position on the small cliff to the north and try shooting at the guide rope that holds up the bridge. If you hit it, you will automatically walk across the bridge.

    Note: If you fail, simply take another try at it. If you made it to the other side and wish to return then pull the lever to the west of the bridge. You will however have to shoot another fire arrow at the guide rope to get across again.

    Guide Rope

  6. Head north and pick up the Plank, surrounded by Blessed spiders (level 60). Then, follow the path to the south, which curves around to the east, until you come to a gap. Use a Rope on the old spike on the other side of the the gap and you will attempt to walk across on a tightrope.

    Note: If you fail this obstacle, you will lose your Rope and end up in a maze where you will have to climb over a number of rockslides to reappear at the entrance of the dungeon.

    Old Spike

  7. Follow the path to the east and then south, climbing over a rockslide in a small alley. Climb over another rockslide to the west and you will encounter Koftik again. Talk to him and you will find that he is slowly being possessed.

    Possessed Koftik

  8. Now, you will have to find a safe path to get across the grid through a process of elimination. Find a grill that you can stand on in the first row. Then, find the correct sequence of grills (see image below). Every time you step on the wrong grill, you will fall into a small pit and take around 150 damage. When you fall, climb back up on the protruding rock but you will have to start over.

    Note: If you stand a grill for too long, you will also fall. The safe path differs from player to player. Remember your path for future use because it stays the same.

    Grid Puzzle

  9. Once across, pull the lever next to the portcullis. It will open and you will automatically walk through into a room with a furnace. Head into the western alley, containing 5 of spike traps. Search the odd markings on the wall to disarm the traps, using your Thieving skills, or simply run through

    Note: If you accidentally activate the traps, you will take up to 140 damage. To the north of the furnace you will find a one-way obstacle pipe, which will take you back to the area with the old spikes.

    Lever and Odd Markings

  10. When you have made it past the traps, you will have reached a room with a well in the middle, along with an Old journal and an altar. Pick up the journal and read it to learn more about Lord Iban and the creation of the Orbs of light.

    Note: If you are low on Prayer points, then this is the time and place to recharge them.

    Underground Pass Well

  11. Now, you must pick up the 4 Orbs of light at the end of the passageways branching off from this room.

    • Northern passage: Use a Plank on the flat rocks on the floor to avoid the traps.
    • Northwestern passage: Beware of Blessed spiders (level 60) and Ogres (level 93) guarding the orb.
    • Western passage: Use a Plank on the flat rocks on the floor to avoid the traps.
    • Southwestern passage: Search the flat rock under the orb to disarm the trap before picking up the orb. If you fail you will be hit by a swinging log.
    Note: If you accidentally activate the traps, you will take up to 120 damage.

    Orbs of Light

  12. Return to the room with the furnace and use all of the 4 Orbs of light on it to destroy them. Make your way past the spike traps again and climb down the well.


  13. Head west towards a prison area and pick the lock of the most southeastern cage. Once inside, dig the pile of mud to discover a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and cross the ledge at the end of it.

    Note: If you are low on food, then search the crates to the east of the prison area to find 2 Meat pies and 2 Salmons. If you fail to cross the ledge, you will take a little damage.


  14. Now, you have 2 options. If you do not have 50 Thieving, then you will have to find your way through an Agility based maze full of stone bridges. If you do have 50 Thieving, then you can avoid the maze by picking the lock of the door to the south and heading east past a swamp.

    Note: If you fall of a stone bridge, you will take 50 damage and will have to find your way back to the start of the maze. However if you choose the other option and step onto a bubble, you will be sucked down and end up in a maze where you will have to climb over a number of rockslides to reappear at the entrance of the Underground Pass!


  15. When you have made it across, head south and squeeze through an obstacle pipe. Search the cage with the Unicorn for a Piece of railing. Follow the path to the east that leads to the back of the cage and use the railing to push the boulder onto the Unicorn. Walk down into the smashed cage and search it to find a Unicorn horn.

    Unicorn Cage

  16. Enter nearby the tunnel and follow the path past some Zombies (level 24) until you come to 3 paladins, called Sir Carl, Sir Harry, and Sir Jerro. Slaughter all 3 of the paladins (level 116) to obtained their 3 Paladin's badges (red, green and blue).

    Note: It is advised that you talk to Sir Jerro before killing him, as he will give you an Attack potion (2), a Prayer potion (2), a Stew, 2 loafs of Bread, and 2 Meat pies.


  17. Continue down the path and use a Plank on the flat rock on the floor to avoid the trap. Use the Unicorn horn and the 3 Paladin's badges on the well. Go trough door to the second floor of the dungeon (See the Underground Pass map).

    Note: If you accidentally activate the trap, you will take up to 120 damage. This is the well you must use your Iban Staff on to recharge it once you have completed the Underground Pass quest.

    Well and door

  18. Travel all the way south down the eastern wall, which curves around to the west, until you come to some cave stairs. Descend down the stairs to the third floor of the dungeon (See the Underground Pass map). When you set foot on this this floor, Koftik will will appear and mention that a few dwarves reside here. Talk to the 3 dwarves near their houses in southwestern corner of this floor. Niloof will direct you to Kardia, a witch who knows how to get rid of Lord Iban. He will also give you 2 Meat pies and a Meat pizza

    Note: If you are still low on food, then talk Kamen, who will ask you if want some of his brew. If you accept his offer, you will take around a small amount of damage and your Agility level will temporarily be lowered by 3 levels. Though, he will have given you a Bread, a Stew, and a Meat pie. You can also decline his offer and instead pay 75gp to buy food. You can repeat this process as much as you want, giving you an unlimited supply of food in the dungeon.


  19. Return to the second level of the dungeon and walk north along the eastern wall until you come to a narrow bridge. Cross it and head south towards the witch's house. Search the window and learn that Kardia the witch is looking for her cat.

    Note: If you fall off any of the bridges, you will end up in the center of the third floor and take 200 damage. Do not open or knock on the door, or you will take 200 damage.


  20. Head north and cross bridge to the west. Follow the path to the north until you spot the Witch's cat. Pick it up and return to Kardia's house. Use the Witch's cat on the door and you will automatically hide while she answers the door. While she is playing with the cat, enter and search the chest near the door. You will find a Doll of iban, the History of iban, a Restore potion (3), Super attack potion(3).

    Note: If you have a Catspeak amulet, then you may talk to the cat to find out that it's a follower of Zamorak.

    Cat and Chest

  21. Return to the floor with the dwarves and talk to Niloof, who will tell you that you must find the 4 elements, mentioned in the History of iban, to destroy Lord Iban. Speak with Klank, who will give you Klank's gauntlets and a tinderbox (if you do not have one in your Toolbelt). Pick up the Bucket in the house to the west and use it on the barrel in the small shed to the east to fill it up with Dwarf brew.


  22. Head to Lord Iban's tomb in the southeastern corner of this floor and use the Dwarf brew on it. While wearing the gauntlets, set it on fire using the Tinderbox or, if you have a tinderbox in your Toolbelt, by right clicking on the tomb and choosing 'Search' in order to light it. Iban's ashes will then automatically appears in your inventory. Now, smear it on the Doll of iban.

    Note: Do not search or you will take 100 damage.


  23. Head into cavern with Blessed spiders (level 60) in the northeastern corner of this floor and kill Kalrag (level 116). When you have defeated it, its blood will automatically gets smeared onto the Doll of iban.

    Note: If you wish to fight it using Ranged/Magic, then run into the corridor leading to its cave. It will not be able to follow due to its width, therefore creating a safespot (See the image below). As soon as Kalrag (level 116) dies, the Blessed spiders (level 60) in the cavern will become aggressive to you.


  24. Go up to the second floor of the dungeon and walk north along the eastern wall until you come to a narrow bridge. Jump across it and then cross another one to west. Continue down the path to the south and cross another bridge to reach 3 demons, called Doomion, Holthion, and Othainian. Kill them and pick up the Amulet of doomion, the Amulet of holthion, and the Amulet of othainian. Open the chest to the north and you automatically place the amulets inside of it to obtain Iban's shadow. Smear it on the Doll of iban.

    Note: If you wish to fight them using Ranged/Magic, stand on the stone bridges. They will not be able to follow due to their width, therefore creating a safespot (See the image below).


  25. Put on Klank's gauntlets head to the northwestern corner of this floor. Search all of the cages until you find the one that contains Iban's dove. Smear it on the Doll of iban. The Half-soulless will bite you, but will fail because you are wearing the gauntlets.

    Note: If you do not have Klank's gauntlets equipped, then you will take 100 damage


  26. From the cages, head southeast crossing a number of bridges until you spot some Disciple of Iban. Kill them to obtain a Zamorak robe (top) and a Zamorak robe (bottom). Before proceeding to the next step, take off all your gear and put the Zamorak robes.

    Note: Make sure you have 3 empty inventory slots before proceeding to the next step or you will not be able to receive the whole reward since you will be immediately teleported out of the room.

    Disciples of Iban

  27. Enter the temple and Lord Iban will notice that you possess the only weapon to destroy him, the Doll of iban. He will start casting spells at you. Run towards him, while attempting to dodge the spells, and throw the doll into the well.

    Note:The Protect from Magic prayer does not work against Lord Iban's spells

    Disciples of Iban

  28. Lord Iban will die and you will end up in a cavern with Iban's staff, 30 Fire runes, and 15 Death runes. Talk to Koftik and he will teleport you to the entrance of the Underground Pass. Return to King Lathas and report that Lord Iban is dead.

    Note: Some time after the quest, King Lathas will send a courier to you with the King's message, which will allow you to begin the Regicide quest.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Underground Pass Scroll

Iban's Staff:

Iban's Staff

Upon completing the quest you are rewarded with the Iban's staff and the ablity to cast the Iban Blast spell. The staff requires 50 Attack and 50 Magic in order to be used. It holds a maximum of 120 charges. You can keep track on how many charges are left by using its check option. Every time it is used against a monster, 1 charge is used up. When used against a player, 2 charges are used up. Its max hit is 250. To recharge the staff, use it on the second well in the Underground Pass dungeon (the one you used the Paladin's badge on). If lost, it can be retrieved by killing an Iban disciple, which will drop a broken staff of Iban. Take that to the Dark mage, near the dungeon's entrance in West Ardougne, and he will repair it for the fee of 200K Coins.

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