Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
49 Firemaking
20 Crafting (49 recommended to make Bullseye lantern)
20 Mining (49 recommended to make Bullseye lantern)
20 Smithing recommended to make Bullseye lanterns.
44 Quest Points
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
A lightsource, Bullseye lantern, Tinderbox, Chisel, Sapphire, Pickaxe (Any), and a Rope.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Spiny helmet, Food and an Antipoison are recommended for lower leveled players.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
1000 Crafting experience, access to the Tears of Guthix cave, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The Tears of Guthix cave, deep beneath the Lumbridge Swamp.
To Start:
Speak to Juna.
  1. Make your way to the Lumbridge Swamp and enter the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon. Put on your Spiny helmet to ward off attacks from Wall Beasts (level 49). Head over to the very end with the Giant Frogs, then jump across the stepping stone and enter the tunnel.


  2. Follow the path downward to Juna. Speak with Juna and tell her a story about your recent adventures she asks you for. She will now let you enter the Tears of Guthix cave. However to catch the tears you will need a bowl crafted from a magical stone, mined at from a special rock.

    Juna the Snake

  3. Go back a little to where all the Light Creatures are. Use the Sapphire with the unlit Bullseye lantern to produce a Sapphire lantern, and then light it. Use the Sapphire lantern with one of the Light Creatures. It then will come to you and take you to the location with the rocks.

    Note: If you need to add oil to your lantern, you can do that by taking Swamp tar to the Chemist's house west of Rimmington and use the lantern on the Lamp Oil Still

    Ride a Light Creature

  4. Mine one of the rocks for a Magic stone. Use the Chisel with it to craft a Stone bowl.

    Special Rocks

  5. Climb down the rocks to the east and head back to Juna to complete the quest.

    Quest Complete!

    Completion Scroll

Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion:

Tears of Guthix is a completely safe Distraction and Diversion allowing you you to train your lowest skill by collecting as many tears as possible. You can do this once a week and must have at least gained 1 quest point or 100k exp that week. Checking your quest history for Tears of Guthix will tell you how long it will be before you can do this mini game again.

The time you have to collect the tears is determined on the amount of quest points you have, 1 quest point equals 1 second in the room. The experience gained is equal to the twice the level of your lowest skill (capped at 60) multiplied by 3. The amount of experiences thereby increases till the player reaches level 30 in that skill. At that point, you will receive a maximum of 180 XP per tear. Players with an ornate stone bowl will gain 300xp XP multiplied by the number of tears collected.

For more information about check out the Tears of Guthix Distractions and Diversions guide.

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