Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
60 coins, a White apron, and a Spade.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of Charos (a), Varrock teleport method, and Falador teleport method.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Karamjan rum, 10 Bananas, Pirate message, and One-Eyed Hector's chest
Quest Points:
One-Eyed Hector's chest (containing 450 coins,Emerald, and Gold ring), the Pay-fare option to visit Karamja, and 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
To Start:
  1. Talk to Redbeard Frank on the northern dock of Port Sarim and tell him you're in search of buried treasure. Frank will agree to tell you the location of some treasure in return for a bottle Karamja rum. Say you'll bring him a bottle and he'll inform you that actually getting a bottle off of Karamja will be difficult due to Customs office rules.
    Redbeard Frank
  2. Follow the docks southeast until you find three men in blue naval uniforms and pay one of them 30gp to travel to Karamja. Once there, head to the bar and buy a bottle of Karamjan rum from Zambo for 30gp. Now you'll just need to find a way to smuggle it back to Port Sarim.
    Seaman Lorris
  3. Talk to Luthas in the house northeast of the bar and ask him about the customs officer. He'll tell you that he knows her well and she doesn't search the crates of bananas he sends to Wydin's food shop in Port Sarim. Talk to him again and ask him to employ you. He'll agree to give you a job to pay you 30gp. Now go to the banana plantation to the west and pick 10 Bananas.
  4. Next, find the crate outside of Luthas' house, right-click it to fill it with the bananas and then use the Karamjan rum on it. Talk to Luthas again and he will pay you 30gp.
  5. Travel back to Port Sarim and go into the Food shop owned by Wydin. Put on your White apron and ask him for a job. He will hire you and tell you to tidy up in the back room. Enter the room and search the crate with the banana on top of it to find your bottle of Karamja rum.

    Note: If you don't have a White apron, you can find one hanging up in the Fishing shop north of the Food shop.
  6. Return to Redbeard Frank and give him his rum. As agreed, he will give you a Chest key which you can use to open a chest in his former Captain's room in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Make your way to the inn, found just north of the Varrock lodestone, and go upstairs into the south west room. Open the chest to find a Pirate message which reads "Visit the city of the White Knights. In the park, Saradomin points to the X which marks the spot."
  7. Go to the park in Falador and find the statue of Saradomin. Walk six paces west from the statue and dig. A Gardener (level 4) may attack you, so kill or evade him and dig again to find One-Eyed Hector's treasure chest.

    Note: The spade in your toolbelt can't be used for this, you need to have a spade in your inventory. If you don't have a spade, walk south to the house east of the furnace to find one.
    Falador Park

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!
    Quest Completed
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