Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
18 Crafting
Must be able to defeat a level 30 monster.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Energy potions, and Varrock teleport runes.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2k Defence XP, 2k Constitution XP, 3k Crafting XP, Ability to kill Ghasts, access to to the Altar of nature, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Underground chambers of the temple to Saradomin on the River Salve (where you finished the Priest In Peril quest.
To Start:
Speak to Drezel.
  1. Talk to Drezel at the underground entrance to Morytania. He will explain that his friend, Filliman, has been missing and needs to be able to help out travelers. Agree to help him. 3 Apple pies and 3 Meat pies will be given to you by him to hand over to Filliman. As the quest proceeds you will learn that you would be able to give these to Filliman and may use them as food for yourself.


  2. Now go through the Holy Barrier to enter the city of Canifis. Head south towards the fence and go through it (if you do not, you will not be able to find the journal or enter the grotto). Make your way southwest through the swamp until you see a small circular island. Run around to the end of it and click "Jump Bridge". If you fail, you will take some damage.

    Filliman's island

  3. Pick up the Washing bowl and to find a a mirror beneath it. Next search the Grotto to find Filliman's journal.

  4. Try to"Enter the Grotto" and Filiman pop out. Make sure you have Ghostspeak amulet equipped. You have to convince him that he is a ghost, which is finally done by using the mirror on him. After he finishes talking, use the Journal with him to find out about his future plans. He will explain that in order for him to become a Nature Spirit and he needs 3 things "Something from Nature", "Something with Faith", and "Something of the Spirit-to-become freely given".

  5. Filiman will give you a Druidic spell ("Something of the Spirit-to-become freely given") and tell you that you need to be blessed. Head back to Drezel ( and ask him to bless you. He will mention that you have "Something of the Faith" about you. Note: The fastest way to get to Drezel is to teleport to Varrock and run east towards the temple where you started this quest. Once Drezel blesses you , he will ask you do you want him to teleport you to the grotto, you can answer yes and you don't have to walk back again. Otherwise go back down to the Grotto (Filliman's Home) and talk to him.

  6. Now to find "Something from Nature", leave the island and walk northwest until you see some rotten logs on ground. "Cast" the Druidic spell when you are standing right next to a log and mushrooms will appear on the log. Pick them up to acquire Mort myre fungus.

    Mort myre fungus

  7. Use the Fungus on the western stone and the Spell on the eastern stone. Both stones will absorb the items placed on them. Now stand on top of the southern stone. Talk to Filliman and tell him that you think you have solved the puzzle. He will cast the spell and then ask you to meet him inside the Grotto.

    Puzzle solved

  8. Enter the Grotto and talk to Filiman. He will transform himself into a Nature spirit and ask you to bring him a Silver sickle, which will help you in defeating the Ghasts wandering around in the swamp. Hand him the sickle, He will bless it and give you a Druid pouch. He then explains how to kill the Ghasts, by using a Druid pouch filled with nature's bounty on them, to materialize them. Once this is done, you can kill them the normal way.

    Nature spirit

  9. It's up to you to kill 3 Ghasts in order to finish the quest. Use your Silver sickle(b) to cast the Bloom Spell near rotten logs, twigs and certain bushes to get 3 moreMort myre fungi, Mort myre pears, and Mort myre stems (when unequipped use the "Cast" option, when equipped the "Operate" option). Casting the Bloom spell will drain your Prayer points by a random amount (1-6 points). Use 3 of these items to fill up your Druidic pouch. Now with the sickle equipped and the pouch filled up stand near a Ghast, it will materialize and you will be able to kill it.

  10. When you have killed 3 Ghasts go back and talk to Filliman. He will transform the Grotto into the Altar of nature.

    Quest Completed!

    Nature Spirit Completed

Killing Ghasts:

Ghasts are souls who have died in the swamp. They drain your Prayer, and give 30 Prayer Exp when killed. They will attempt to turn your food into rotten food, but they often miss. If you have a filled druid pouch with you, they will become visible allowing you to attack them. You can also 'use' your filled Druid Pouch on a Ghast to make it visible.

Casting the Bloom spell to get Mort myre fungi, Mort myre pears, and Mort myre stems drains a random amount of Prayer Points (10-60 points). A pear gives 3 spells, a branch 2, and a fungus 1. When filling the pouch, the game will automatically take the 3 best nature items from your inventory.


Altar of nature:

Here is the Altar of nature. Once you finish the quest, you can use it to re-charge your Prayer Points. Like the altar in the Prayer Guild it gives you +2 prayer to what your level is when you restore your prayer points at it.

Altar of nature

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