Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
15 Agility
35 Crafting
Must be able to defeat a level 63 enemy
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Chisel, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Ectophial, Druid pouches, and a Ball of wool.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
22K Strength XP, access to Tarn's Lair, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Mines in Morytania
To Start:
Speak to Zealot
  1. Make your way to the abandoned mine in the southern part of the Mort Myre Swamp. Talk to Zealot, just north of the mine, and tell him that you follow the path of Saradomin and that you are here to seek challenges and quests. Zealot will then state that Saradomin has entrusted him alone with the assignment of regaining access to the mines. He will then give notice of a Zamorak Mage protecting some sacred crystals down in the mines. End the conversation and pickpocket Zealot to obtain Zealot's key.

    Note: Beware of Vampyres (level 88) wandering around near the mine. The easiest way to reach the Mort Myre swamp is by using the Ectophial or the Fairy Ring codes BKR and CKS.


  2. Head south until you spot a freestanding mine cart. Climb over it and walk up the track towards a cart tunnel. Crawl down the tunnel to access the mines.

    Note: Beware of Vampyres (level 88) wandering around near the mine.

    Mine Cart

  3. Once inside of the mines, walk west and head back outside through another cart tunnel. Follow the rails to another cart tunnel and crawl down it. Walk east and climb down the ladder to access the second floor of the mines.

    Note: Do not touch any of the skeleton corpses in the mines or a Skeletal Miner (level 70) will appear and attack you.

    Floor 2 Ladder

  4. From there, head east again and descend down another ladder to reach the third floor of the mine.

    Floor 3 Ladder

  5. On the third floor of the mine, you will see a mine cart moving around to your west. Make your way south down the tracks whilst hiding in the alcoves on the side whenever the cart is about the bump into you. When you have reached the end of the tracks, climb down the nearby ladder.

    Note: If the cart bumps into you, you will take a lot of damage and be pushed towards the end of the track.

    Floor 4 Ladder

  6. You will appear on the fourth floor of the abandoned mine. Go a bit north and pick a Glowing fungus. You will need this fungus in your inventory to see on the lower floors of the mines, therefore you need to transport the it to the other side of the mining complex via the mining carts. Head northwest and put the Glowing fungus into the mine cart.

    Warning: If you take the glowing fungus outside of this dungeon, it will dissolve into dust.

    Glowing Fungus

  7. Walk a bit east and then north into a passageway to a set of cart controls levers. Examine the levers and you will notice that each one has a letter inscribed on it. Pull the levers A, B, D and E.

    Levers East

  8. Make your way to the northwestern corner of this floor to another set of cart controls levers. Examine the levers and you will notice that each one has a letter inscribed on it. Pull the levers I and J.

    Levers West

  9. Head back south towards a tracking map on one of the walls and check the point settings.

    Point Settings.

  10. Ensure that the map matches the image below and press the start button on the tracking map. This will transport the mine cart, with the Glowing fungus in it, to the other side of the maze.

    Note: The map differs from player to player. If it does not match the image below, then keep pulling the levers until it does.

    Track Map

  11. Return to the first floor of the abandoned mine, [through the section of mine cart track that is open to the surface. This area is the reason you solved the mine cart puzzle; if you try to take your glowing fungus through here instead, it will dissolve. Go down the ladder in the center [of the first floor area]


  12. Go to the north-west corner of the cave and go down the ladder. Search the cart just south to get the Glowing fungus. Go back up the north ladder and head all the way east to another ladder, just past a moving mining cart.

    Note: If the cart bumps into you, you will take a lot of damage and be pushed towards the end of the track.

    Search Cart

  13. Climb down that ladder and keep walking south until you reach a water valve. Use Zealot's key, which you pick-pocketed earlier, on it and run as fast as you can to the lift before the ghost turns the valve. Go down the lift and head south to a crossing. Take the eastern passage and go down the stairs.

    Note: Make sure you have high energy before you do it.

    Valve and Lift

  14. Prepare yourself for a battle and open the door to the west. Try to take the innocent key from the crate. A ghost called Treus Dayth (level 63) will appear and attack you. During the battle he will teleport around the room and throw pickaxes at you. As soon as Treus Dayth appears, all the machinery in the room will come to life, so be beware of the moving mine carts and the rotating cranes.

    Note: Using the Protect from Ranged prayer will only reduce the taken damage and not protect you from it.

    Innocent Looking Key and Treus Dayth

  15. Once you have him defeated him, take the innocent looking key. Leave the area through the door to the east and go back up the stairs. Head west and walk down a similar staircase. Open the large door using the Crystal-mine key and cut a Salve shard from one of the crystal outcrops using a Chisel.

    Note: To get out of the Haunted mine, simply teleport out or go back up lift and make your way to the surface.

    Crystal Outcrop

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Salve Amulet:

Salve Amulet

Upon completion of the quest, a Salve amulet can be made by using a Ball of wool on the Salve shard. When worn, the amulet increases your Attack and Strength by 15% when fighting the undead. After having completed the The Lair of Tarn Razorlor mini-quest the amulet can be enchanted into a Salve amulet (e), which increases the above mentioned skills by 20%.

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