Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
2 Clean tarromin, 2 Vials of water, Seed dibber, Watering can, Leather gloves, Hatchet (any), Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food and Prayer potions.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
4K Farming XP, 5K Herblore XP, 5K Hitpoints XP, 14K Woodcutting XP, 6K Agility XP, 6K Thieving XP, a Dwarven helmet, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
South of Taverley.
To Start:
Speak to Sylas.
  1. Speak to Sylas, located west of Falador. He will tell you about his Magic beans. He will then ask you to bring him a Griffin's feather from a griffin named Grimgnash on White Wolf Mountain.

    Sylas; Start of Quest

  2. Proceed to the northeastern part of White Wolf Mountain and talk to Grimgnash. Be careful, since anything that you incorrectly say to him will make him bite you and deal quite a large amount of damage.


  3. Tell him that you heard he was a powerful griffin. (If you tell him you're there to get his feather, he will bite you.) You will now have to tell him a bed time story to get him to fall asleep. Talk to him again to begin.

  4. Here are the correct choices for the story:
    There once was a graveyard filled with undead.
    There lived a skeleton named Skullrot.
    Skullrot was insane!
    Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair.
    Started to strangle the poor gnome.
    He saw a big axe leaning on the wall.

  5. Grimgnash will then fall asleep, so grab a Griffin's feather from the nearby pile and return to Sylas.


  6. Sylas will now tell you that he needs Rupert the Beard's Helmet. Ask what about the helmet, and he will tell you to travel northeast from here to a tower between Ice Mountain and the Goblin Village, right next to Doric's house.

  7. Proceed to the tower and climb over the crumbling wall on the east side.

    Crumbling Wall

  8. Next, talk into the drain pipe and you will have an odd conversation with Rupert the Beard.

    Drain Pipe

  9. Speak into the drain pipe again, and suggest that you can climb up. Then ask him if there is anything in the tower that could help. He will let down his beard.


  10. Climb the beard and then talk to Rupert. He will ask you to go speak to the princess.


  11. Talk to Miazrqa, who is wandering around north of the tower, and choose the option for "second cousin, twice removed". She will then tell you that she will let Rupert go if you find a pendant that she lost. Ask her for a key to the witch's house before leaving.


  12. Head to the witch's house west of Falador and then head down to the basement. Put on any pair of gloves, go through the gate, and then grab the music sheet. Play the notes from the music sheet on the piano and the compartment will open. The correct notes are Upper E, Upper F, Upper E, Upper D, Upper C, Lower A, Lower E, Lower G, Lower A.



  13. Inside you will find three items: two Shrunk ogleroots, a Shrinking potion recipe, To-do list. Read the shrinking recipe and then prepare two Shrink-me-quick potions by adding Clean tarromin and Shrunk ogleroots to Vials of water.

  14. Go upstairs and head over to the mouse hole. Drink one of the potions and you will go through it.



  15. Run past the mice (level 88) and climb up the nails. Head south, then west around the bend, and climb up the nails. Climb up the nails again, go around the bend to the northeast, and then climb down the nails. Head north and then climb up the nails and take the pendant.



  16. Return to the princess and give her the pendant, and she will free Rupert, and he will give you his helmet. Now head over to Sylas.


  17. Give the helmet to Sylas and he will give you the Magic beans, which you must now plant.

  18. Walk over to the magic bean patch, next to Sylas, and plant the magic beans. Water them, and a beanstalk will grow, which you will use to climb into the clouds and recover a Golden goblin.


  19. Climb the beanstalk and kill Glod (level 97). Beware, he can drain your prayer, turn off your prayers at will, and he can heal himself to up to a half bar. If you wish to attack him using Ranged or Magic, then hide behind the pillars and rocks. However, when fighting behind a safe spot, he will taunt you into leaving your spot and fighting him face to face. Turn on protect from melee when he does.

    Note: Pets and familiars are not allowed up the beanstalk, whether they are following you or in your inventory.

  20. Once dead, pick up the Golden goblin and return to Sylas. He will then tell you to cut down the beanstalk. Return to the beanstalk and use a Shrink-me-quick potion on it. Then cut it down.

    Note: If you lose the potion, then you will have to gather each of the ingredients again. To obtain new Shrunk ogleroot, climb down the manhole near the Witch's house and kill one of the Experiments (level 92).

    Cutting down the beanstalk

  21. Return to Sylas for your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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