Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Must be able to kill the level 90 Green dragon Elvarg.
Must be a member of the Champions' Guild (33 Quest Points).
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
90 Steel nails, 3 Planks, a Hammer, 2000 gp, an Unfired bowl, a Lobster pot, Silk, a Wizard's mind bomb, Food, Weapon, Armor, a Magic or Ranged attack method, 1 Law and 1 Air rune (If you do not have 33 Magic, or else bring an extra 10K gp).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Teleport runes or 30 gp.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
18650 Strength XP, 18650 Defence XP, the right to wear a Rune platebody, Blue d'hide body, and Batwing torso, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to the Guildmaster.
  1. Speak with the Guildmaster at the Champions' guild. Ask him if you can have a quest. He will tell you to speak with Oziach, who gives the quests to Champions.


  2. Oziach is located in a house northwest of the bank in Edgeville. Speak with Oziach, tell him you are looking for a rune platebody and that the Guildmaster sent you. He will give you a quest to slay the dragon Elvarg on Crandor.


  3. Return to the Guildmaster. Tell him that you have talked to Oziach and he will tell you the story about what happened on Crandor. He will then explain to you what you need to get to Crandor.

    You need:

    • A ship capable of getting through dangerous reefs
    • A map to show the way
    • Protection from the dragon's breath

    Ask the Guildmaster all available options.

    Guildmaster Options

    After going through the conversations, you will know the following:

    • The right ship is located in Port Sarim.
    • You can get a shield enchanted against dragon breath from the Duke of Lumbridge.
    • That the three map pieces have been split up:
      • Melzar's piece is in the maze he set up north of Rimmington - the Guildmaster provides you a key to enter the maze.
      • Thalzar's piece was taken to the grave with him, therefore you need to speak to the Oracle on Ice Mountain to discover its location.
      • Lozar was killed by goblins and her piece was stolen by one of the goblins from Goblin village.

  4. Go speak with the Oracle on Ice Mountain. She tells you that the map piece is located through a door in the Dwarven Mines in Falador, and to go through it you need a Wizard's mind bomb, Silk, Lobster pot, and Unfired bowl. Make sure you have these and then enter the mine either via the ladder at the Dwarven camp on Ice Mountain or the stairs in the building east of the Falador Party Room.


  5. Make your way to the northeast part of the mine (follow the green line on map below from Ice Mountain entrance and the red line from the Falador entrance) and you should come across a square room with magic door. Use the items on the door and then your character will go through. Search the chest in the room to get the first map piece.

    Mine Chest

  6. Bank the map piece, then grab some armor, a weapon, food, and the maze key. Go to Melzar's maze, located south of the Crafting Guild, and walk in. If you get lost in the following steps you can refer to the Melzar's Maze map for a visual showing of how to get through the maze.

    Melzar's Maze

  7. In this first room, kill the zombie rats until you get a Red key. There are different types of rats in here, and the ones you want to kill for the key are the ones with long, curly tails. Go through the northwestern red door, and then climb up the ladder.

  8. Now, you must kill the ghosts until they drop an Orange key. There are different types of ghosts in here, and the ones you want to kill for the key are the ones with a hood on, but no cape. Walk through the second orange door from the north, and climb up the ladder.

  9. This room is filled with skeletons. Kill them until a Yellow key is dropped. There are different types of skeletons in here, and the ones you want to kill for the key are the ones with a round shield. When you have the yellow key, go through the southwestern yellow door. Walk around the bend in the building, and then climb down three sets of ladders.

  10. Two zombies wander in the next room. Attack them until you receive a Blue key. Go through the northwestern blue door.

  11. You will now be in the room with Melzar the Mad. He is a level 56 and uses low level magic attacks. Fight with him and he will drop a Magenta key. Go through the Magenta door to the north.

    Melzar the Mad

  12. The last room contains a level 80 Lesser demon. Kill it and it will drop a Green key. Go through the green door to the north.

    Lesser Demon

  13. Search the chest to receive the second map piece.

    Maze Chest

  14. Put your map piece in the bank, and bring either 10k to buy the map piece or maging/ranging gear, and the runes for telekinetic grab. Head over to Port Sarim. South of Wydin's Food store you will find the jail, with Wormbrain in one of the cells. Wormbrain is the goblin from Goblin Village who has the last map piece. Below are two methods for obtaining the final piece.

    If you have 33 magic, just attack Wormbrain with magic or ranged and when he dies he will drop the map piece. Cast the "telekinetic grab" spell on it to get it. Use the three pieces of the map on each other to form a complete map.

    Telekenetic Grab

    If you are paying for the map piece, talk to Wormbrain, and ask him about the map piece. He will agree to sell it for 10k. Pay him to receive the final map piece. Use the three pieces on each other to form the complete map.

    Pay For The Map Piece

  15. Head to a bank and withdraw your 90 Steel nails, 3 Planks, Hammer, and 2000gp. Go to Port Sarim and on the dock directly east of the food store is a man named Klarense. Speak with him and offer to buy the ship for 2000 gp.


  16. You are now the owner of the Lady Lumbridge. Walk on board and then climb down the ladder. Choose to repair the hole and your character will apply a plank. Do this twice more and the hole will be fixed completely.

  17. Go to Lumbridge Castle and speak to Duke Horacio. Tell him you need a shield to protect against dragon breath and he will give you an Anti-dragon shield. If you ever need another shield, just follow the procedure again.

    Duke Horacio

  18. Head to Draynor Village with your completed map and find Ned. Tell him that you have all the map pieces and he will offer to take you to Crandor. He will then tell you to meet him at the Lady Lumbridge


  19. Prepare yourself for the battle with Elvarg. Grab your armor, weapon, food, and Anti-dragon shield. Once you are prepared to fight, head to your ship. Board it then talk with Ned. You will set off to Crandor. Your ship will crash at Crandor and you will not be able to use it to go back. Get off the ship, and go around the island until you find two Lesser demons. Descend down the cave opening.

    Note: Antifire potions do not work as Elvarg will hit right through them.

    Crandor Route

  20. Run past the skeletons here and you will find Elvarg's lair.

    Note: Before you enter the lair, head further south past the Lesser demons and open the wall. This will enable you, in case you die, to reach the lair without having to repair the ship again. You can just sail onto Musa Point and go to the dragon's lair through the Karamja volcano.

    Elvarg's Lair

  21. Ensure your anti-dragon shield is equipped, then climb over the wall. When you are ready, attack Elvarg. She hits quite hard for a level 90. After she has been defeated, you will see a cut scene in which you remove her head.

    Note: Antifire potions do work. There are no safespots, therefore ranged and magic attacks are only advised if you can pray Protect from Melee (requires 43 Prayer). Those who want to range Elvarg are advised to used a crossbow with bolts. Do not use a bow because you must have your Anti-dragon shield equipped at all times unless you have taken a Antifire potion.


  22. Leave the island by either teleporting or run south past the Lesser demons and open the wall. You will memorize the location of the door for future use. Run further south and climb the dangling rope. You will surface on Musa Point. Head to the docks and pay the Customs Officers 30 gp to take you to the mainland.


  23. Go back to Oziach in Edgeville with the head in your inventory. Tell him that you slayed the dragon.

    Note: If you die after defeating Elvarg or you lose Elvarg's head, you will still be able to complete the quest by just talking to Oziach.

    Congratulations! Quest Completed!

    Quest Complete Scroll
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