Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
10 Slayer
50 Firemaking
50 Magic
53 Thieving
A high agility level will be a distinct advantage
The ability to defeat extremely tough opponents above level 120
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
650 Coins, 12 Magic logs (Noted), 6 Steel bars (Noted), 6 Molten glass (Noted), Ashes, Charcoal, Blood rune, and Bones.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Cake/Chocolate cake/Chocolate bar, Spiked boots, Garlic, 10+ Lockpicks, Silver bar, Spices, Face mask/Masked earmuffs/Slayer helmet (any version), and combat equipment (see each section below).
Items Recommended for Quest:
1K Coins (500 if you have a Ring of charos (a)), 2 Bandit camp teleports, Waterskins, Digsite pendant, Rock/Climbing boots OR Trollheim teleport method, Prayer potions, Super energy potions, Super restore potions, Silver sickle (b), Antipoison potions, Ice gloves (if you want to use a weapon against Fareed), Camulet, and teleportation methods to: Varrock, Al Kharid, Trollheim, Canifis, Entrana, Draynor Village, and Seers' Village.

Keeping any type of teletab on you is great as an emergency escape, since your home teleport spell can be interrupted at times in the quest.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
20K Magic XP, access to the Ancient Magicks spell, ability to buy and wield the Ancient staff from Eblis for 80K Coins, the ability to home teleport to the Bandit Camp lodestone, and 2 free spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Start Point:
The Bedabin Camp, southwest of the Shantay Pass.
To Start:
Speak to the Archaeologist.

Discovering the 4 Diamonds of Azzanadra

Items Needed: 650 Coins, 12 Magic logs (Noted), 6 Steel bars (Noted), 6 Molten glass (Noted), Ashes, Charcoal, Blood rune, and Bones.

Items Recommended: 1K Coins (500 if you have a Ring of charos (a)), Digsite pendant, 2 Bandit camp teleports, and Waterskins.

Items Acquired: Etchings, Translation, and a Bandit's brew.


  1. Travel to the Bedabin Camp, in the northwestern part of the desert, and speak with the Archaeologist in the center of the camp. He will tell you about an ancient stone tablet he found and requests that you take it to the Digsite for examination. Agree to help him and you will be given some Etchings.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Bedabin Camp is by taking a flying carpet ride from the Shantay Pass to the Bedabin Camp or by traveling to the Bandit Camp (Desert) using a Bandit camp teleport and then running north.


  2. Head over to the Exam Centre in the southern part of the Digsite, east of Varrock, and talk to the Archaeological expert. He will take the Etchings and begin to translate them. Speak with him again and he will give you a book, containing the Translation.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Digsite is by using the Digsite pendant's teleport option or by using the Varrock lodestone and then running east.

    Archaeological expert

  3. Return to the Archaeologist, at the Bedabin Camp, and give him the Translation. He will offer you a 50/50 share of the treasure if you help him find it. Accept his offer and he will tell you that he will look around the camp for more clues while you head south to investigate the Bandit Camp.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Bedabin Camp is by taking a flying carpet ride from the Shantay Pass to the Bedabin Camp or by traveling to the Bandit Camp (Desert) using a Bandit camp teleport and then running north.


  4. Head south of the Archaeologist to the Bandit Camp and speak with the Bartender in the pub. Buy a Bandit's brew from him and ask him about the 4 diamonds. The bartender will then suggest that you should talk to one of the village elders.

    Note: Make sure you are not wearing any Saradomin or Zamorak item when setting foot in the camp or you will constantly be attacked by Bandits (level 78).

    Desert Bartender

  5. Head directly east to find Eblis wandering around and talk to him about the 4 Diamonds of Azzanadra. After a short conversation he will tell you that the warriors guarding the diamonds can be located with an ancient spell. He will then ask you to bring him the following needed items for the spell: 12 Magic logs, 6 Steel bars, 6 Molten glass, Ashes, Bones, Charcoal, and a Blood rune.

    Note: Eblis accepts noted Magic logs, Steel bars, and Molten glass.


  6. When you have used each of the items on Eblis, he will ask you to meet him in desert to the the east. Head southeast of the camp until you spot Eblis and some mirrors. Speak to him again and he will explain that there are 6 mirrors, but only 4 diamonds. This means that 2 of the locations shown in the mirrors are false. The locations shown are as follows:

    • North mirror: Ice gate, near Trollheim
    • North east mirror: Canifis
    • North west mirror: Picnic area, near the Fishing Guild
    • South west mirror: Bandit Camp in the desert (false)
    • South east mirror: Smokey well, near Pollnivneach
    • South mirror: The pyramid (false)
    Eblis' Mirrors

The Stranger:

When you have any of the 4 diamonds in your possession it is possible that a Stranger (level 116) will appear during the quest and attack you with a dragon dagger. Not every player will be visited by the Stranger, but it is recommended to bank any diamond as soon as possible to avoid the risk of him appearing.

Obtaining the Ice Diamond

Items Needed: Climbing boots OR Trollheim teleport method, Cake/Chocolate cake/Chocolate bar, Spiked boots, Magic armor, and Runes/Equipment to cast your best high-leveled fire spell.

Items Recommended: 3 Super restore potions, 3 Prayer potions, 3 Super energy potions, and Food.

Items Acquired: Super restore (4), 2 Chocolate cakes, and Ice diamond.


  1. Travel to the northwestern edge of the Trollheim mountain, using one of the routes below:

    Yellow route: Cast the Trollheim teleport spell and make your way down the mountain (requires 61 Magic and completion of the Eadgar's Ruse quest).

    Red route: Start at the Rellekka lodestone and follow the path to the secret entrance of the Troll Stronghold (requires Rock/Climbing boots). You will find yourself on the bottom floor of the city. Head all the way north and up the stairs to the next floor. Then, run south through the long corridor and climb another set of stairs to the top floor of the stronghold. On the top floor, exit the city through an opening in the eastern wall to reach the surface, just west of Trollheim.

    Blue route: Start at the Burthorpe lodestone and enter the secert passage in Sabbot's cave to the north. Make your away across the obstacles in the cave and once you've made it outside, follow the path until you reach the base of the Trollheim mountain. If you have 47 Agility, then you may use the shortcuts along the mountain to make it to the other side. If you do not have the required level, then turn on the Protect from Ranged prayer and follow the path along the northern part of the mountain, dodging the attacks of Thrower Trolls.

    Route to Trollheim

  2. When you have made it to Trollheim, head northwest (Cyan path in the image above) until you reach an icy gate. Speak with the Troll child nearby to find out that he is upset and looking for something sweet. Give him a Cake, Chocolate cake, or Chocolate bar. Talk to him again and he will tell you that a bad man froze his parents because they stole his diamond. Offer to help him get his parents back in exchange for the Ice diamond.

    Troll Child

  3. Step through the icy gate and head east until you reach a cave blocked off by 5 icicles. Kill 5 of the Ice trolls (level 120) wandering around in front of the cave to open it up.

    Note: Upon passing through the icy gate, you will enter an area in which the icy rain will drain all of your stats. Every few seconds, the rain will drain every single stat by 1, deal 200 damage, drain your adrenaline by 10%, and reduce your run energy by 10. If at any point you are low on supplies, it is recommended that you teleport out and restock.

    Ice Trolls

  4. Enter the cave to the east and then follow the narrow path, filled with aggressive Ice wolves (level 136), until you reach an open area. Before entering the area, drink a Super restore potion to regain your stats and turn on the Protect from Melee prayer. As soon as you enter the open area, start casting fire spells at Kamil. While fighting him, stay close to him. That way he will use melee attacks more often than his freezing spell, which he is able of casting several times per minute. When Kamil has been killed, pick up the Super restore (4) and 2 Chocolate cakes he drops.

    Note: Keep an eye your stats during the battle as the icy rain will keep lowering your stats. If after the fight you are low on supplies, it is recommended that you teleport out and restock. You will not have to fight the trolls or Kamil again when you return.


  5. Head west and then north into a narrow corridor. Follow the spiral path until you reach an ice ledge. Put on the Spiked boots and climb up the ledge. Continue following the icy spiral path and step through the icy gate at the end onto a bridge

    Note: If you slip and fall while making your way across the icy path, you will take 200 damage.

    Ice ledge

  6. Walk across the bridge to reach a platform with 2 trolls trapped in blocks of ice. Smash both blocks using fire spells to free them. Once you have freed them, the parents will take you back to the first icy gate and the Troll child will give you the Ice diamond.

    Ice block

Obtaining the Bloodfire Diamond

Items Needed: Garlic, Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and mortar and combat equipment.

Items Recommended: Silver sickle (b), Prayer potions, and food.

Items Acquired:


  1. Go to the pub located in Canifis and a cut-scene between Malak and Roavar will begin. Malak will then question you about why you are in the lands. Talk to him, and he will offer you the bloodfire diamond in exchange for killing Dessous (make sure you ask how to kill Dessous.)


  2. After speaking to him Malak, head to Draynor Village and climb-down the trapdoor north of the Witches' house. Once inside the dungeon, speak to Ruantun and give him the silver bar. He will then make you a silver pot.


  3. Bank everything (including all armor/weapons, except your Silver pot) and take the boat to Entrana. Speak to the High Priest (who is located inside the church) and ask him to bless the silver pot.

    High Priest

  4. Head back to Canifis, and take the Blessed pot, Spice, Garlic, and a Pestle and mortar. Speak to Malak and he will tell you that you need to first add fresh blood. He then hits you for 50 damage to fill the pot. Now crush the garlic with the Pestle and mortar and add that along with the Spice to the pot.

  5. It is now to to prepare for the the fight with Dessous (level 120). It is recommended to use magic (and has proven to be the most effective.) Bring your best magic spells (Air spells are the most effective, followed by earth spells), and armor, a super set or extremes, prayer potions, food, a teleport, and the spicy pot of blood. Wield melee armor if you are going to use protect from magic, or wield dragonhide armor if you are going to use protect from melee (it is recommended to wear dragonhide and use protect from melee.) Follow the below path to find Dessous.

    Blood Diamond Path

    If you have done In Search of the Myreque, go behind the pub and down the trapdoor. Go through the tunnel and out the large doors at the end. You will be in the swamp. Head southwest and follow the path shown in the picture above to get to Dessous.

    If you have not done In Search of the Myreque, then you will have to take the long way through the swamps. Go out the north exit from Canfis and go south, follow that path around as shown in the picture to reach Dessous.

  6. Before pouring the blood on his tomb, drink your boosting potions and either use protect from melee or magic. Dessous will use magical attacks if you use protect from melee, and vise versa. Watch your prayer and eat when necessary.

    If you try to range or mage him from behind the fence he will teleport next to you and start attacking. If you make him teleport more than three times or if you run away, Dessous will get "bored toying around with you" and teleport back to his tomb. You will then need to get another pot of blood, put crushed garlic and spice in it and head back to the tomb.

    Tip: As soon as you bring him out of his tomb, run north as shown in the picture, keep running north up the land above his tomb, if you do it right he will teleport but get stuck in the grass like in the picture leaving you free to range/mage without using food or prayer points.


  7. After killing him return to Canifis and speak to Malak and he will give you the blood diamond.

Part IV: Obtaining the Gale Diamond

Items Needed: Face mask and a tinderbox.

Items Recommended: Ice gloves (you must have if you wish to use a weapon, which is recommended), a good weapon, dragonhide armor, and super energy potions.

  1. East of the mirrors is the smokey well, near Pollnivneach. Be sure you have your face mask on before entering, and DO NOT take it off while inside the well. (You will take 20 damage every few seconds if you do not have a Face mask equipped)

    Smokey well

  2. Go to the middle, square shaped room, and attempt to open the chest. It tells you that you must "Light the path to claim the key."

    Burnt chest

  3. In each corner of the dungeon there is a torch you must light with your tinderbox. Quickly light the torches, as they will eventually burn out. It is recommended you start on the east side, and follow the numbers on the map.

    Smokey well map

  4. Once all the torches are lit, run back to the square room and open the chest for the warm key. If you cannot open the chest, you did not light the torches fast enough.

  5. Now go back to the eastern side of the dungeon. Enter the gate and Fareed the fire demon (level 120) will appear. He uses melee and magic attack styles. Using dragonhide and protect from melee is recommended. Remember that you must wear ice gloves in order to be able to wield a weapon. If you choose to use magic, then water spells are recommended. Once Fareed has been defeat, you will receive the Gale diamond.


Part V: Obtaining the Rock Diamond

Items Needed: waterskins, lockpicks (anywhere from 1-35), and combat equipment (see below.)

Items Recommended: Food (Sharks and above) and Antipoison potions.


A full inventory of sharks or prayer potions; best armor and weapon. Stand and fight Damis without a safespot. The first form only attacks with melee, but the second form will drain your Prayer level 20-40 points every time he even attempts to hit you (even if he hits a 0.)

  1. Speak to Rasolo, who is located outside of the house near Baxtorian Falls, and ask him about the Rock diamond. He'll propose a deal: if you retrieve his gilded cross then he will give you a ring of visibility (which will allow you to see the ladder to get to Damis.)


  2. Head to Bandit Camp (make sure not to have anything related to Saradomin or Zamorak) and go to the southwest tent. Inside will be the chest that holds the gilded cross. Use your lockpick on it and your character will attempt to break open the chest. If you fail you will be poisoned, your lockpick will be broken, and the mechanism will re-set. Once you have unlocked the chest, open it and take the gilded cross.

    Note: Drinking the bandit's brew you previously purchased from the Bartender, will temporarily raise your Thieving level by 1. If you run out of lockpicks, you can pickpocket some of the bandits for more.

    Gilded Cross Chest

  3. Head back to Rasolo, give him the cross, and you will receive the ring of visibility. Put on the ring and head east into the picnic area, a ladder will appear. Climb down.

    Ladder to Damis

  4. Once inside Damis' Lair, use the below map to reach him. (If you are using Method I, then lure Damis to the safespot as listed.)

    Damis' Lair Map

  5. Once you are situated (either in the safespot or not) and begin to fight his first form (level 120)

    Damis Form One

    As you kill his first form, Damis will transform into his second form (level 124) and begin to attack you. Now fight Damis' second form.

    Note: If you are not using safespots, then it is recommended to drink a dose of your potions and begin watching and maintaing your prayer level throughout the fight.

    Damis Form Two

  6. When you have defeated both forms of Damis, he will drop the Rock diamond. Pick it up and teleport out of the lair.

Part VI: The Pyramid

Items Needed: Ice, Bloodfire, Gale, and Rock diamonds.

Items Recommended: antipoison potions, Boots of lightness, 8-12 super/energy potions (4), 1-2 prayer potions (4), 1 to 2 pieces of good food, spotted/spottier cape, and a camulet.

Strategy: Try and have a negative weight before entering the pyramid. As you enter, turn your run on and drink your energy potions so you never have to stop. When running through the pyramid have protect from melee turned on (because of the mummies and scabaras) and drink your prayer potions when needed.

  1. Once you have retrieved all 4 diamonds, head back to Eblis. He will then tell you they unlock the pyramid to the south.

  2. Go south to the pyramid and check the color of each obelisk to the color of the diamond, and use the diamond on each of it's corresponding obelisks. Once you have placed all the diamond, go to the top of the pyramid and enter.

    Blood Obelisk

  3. Each level increases in length and the number of obstacles. Turn protect from melee on and always keep your run on and above 35%. Use the following map below to help you navigate through the pyramid.

    Pyramid Map

  4. Once you work your way to the middle room, open the door and speak to Azzanadra. He will say he has to leave you, but he will grant you the knowledge of Ancient Magicks and create a portal which creates easy access to the room.


Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Quest Complete!

How to switch spellbooks:

The change spellbooks (either from Ancient to Regular, or vice versa), go back to the pyramid (you will not need to travel through all the levels.) Instead, go to the south end and through the tunnel. Once inside pray at the altar and check your spellbook to make sure you are set to the one you want. Pray again, and it will change back.

Changing Spells

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