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The Smuggler is an NPC that holds a important part in the skill Dungeoneering. His role is to buy or sell items when fighting on any of the floors of Daemonheim Castle. The Smuggler is located in the depths of Daemonheim. His stock is varied based on the difficulty level set. The higher the level, more stock is available. He is the only NPC that will buy normally untradeable items.

The Shop only offers what is able to be used by the current Complexity level. It increases its inventory with increases in Complexity Level. While resources used to create weapons and armour include all ten tiers (free players only access the first five tiers), tools and other finished items with a tier rating are limited to the first three tiers. The exceptions are shortbows, longbows, rapiers, staffs, and kiteshields, which are limited to the first tier. All items offered and all items able to be made, no matter what skill is used to make it, can be sold to the shop. However, the Magic Spells Low Alchemy and High Alchemy will give 150% and 200% of the shop price respectively.

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