Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
14 Herblore
14 Magic
15 Thieving
25 Agility
40 Mining
Must defeat level 68 monsters.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
20gp+ (be sure to bring more if you you're not so good in agility!), 1 Gold bar, 1 Lit candle (obtained during quest), 1 Death rune, Pickaxe, Dragon bones, Bat bones, 1 Jangerberries (obtained during quest), 2 Ropes, Guam leaf, Vial of water, Pestle and mortar. (Food, armour, weapon and Anti-dragon shield is very useful!). This is a lot of items, but make sure to have room for around 7 or 8 extra items.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
5000gp, 15250 Magic exp, ability to use Level 58 Watchtower teleport.
Start Point:
Watchtower close to city gates of Yanille.
To Start:
Speak to Watchtower Wizard.

Watch Tower Number Guide

  1. Once you see the Watchtower (location #1), look around it for the "trellis". You should find it on the North outside wall of the Watchtower. This is the only way to get in at first. The Guards will attack you if you try to use the ladder. Climb up the Trellis and you'll be inside on the 2nd floor of the watchtower. Continue up the ladder to the 3rd floor and speak to the Watchtower Wizard.

    Step 1

  2. After you have spoken to the Watchtower Wizard, you will need to go outside (down 2 ladders) and search all the bushes around the Watchtower till you find some fingernails, an eye patch, a dagger and some armor. Go back to the wizard and talk to him - this time you can use the ladder. He will send you on your mission to recover the crystals.

    Note: When you are searching the bushes you may not find a dagger, but a robe instead...
    This item is acceptable as long as you have the tattered eyepatch fingernails and armour that looks like goblin mail.

    Step 2

  3. Now go down to the first floor and take the lit candle that respawns on the table (if you don't already have a lit candle). Also if you don't have a bat bone yet, you can get them now. There is a dungeon just East of the Watchtower (location #2). Cut through the webs and go down the stairs. Kill a bat to get bat bones.

    Step 3

  4. First you will need to talk to Og. Exit Yanille through the West gate and you come to the ogre settlement (location #3). Speak with him and he will help you - but only after you have helped him. Og will give you a key and ask you to retrieve his gold bar that was stolen by Toban.

    Step 4

  5. Just South of Og, you will see a little island (location #4). Use the rope with the branch on the "long branched tree" (location#5). You will now swing over to the island. Talk to Grew. He will ask for a tooth of his enemy - Gorad the Ogre. While you are here, get jangerberries before you swing back across. You will need them later in the quest.

    Step 5

  6. To get to Toban and Gorad, you will need to gain access to the small island South of Yanille (location #6). You will not be able to access the island from the bridge. You will need to find the cave entrance that is South-West of the small island (location #7). When you're on the island, attack Gorad (level 68) and kill him (make sure that you have room in your inventory for this tooth, or you will have to kill him again). Now go talk to Toban. He will ask you for a dragon bone. Give him a dragon bone and he'll give you a part of the ogre statue. Now go open Toban's chest (which is on the same island) to get Og's gold bar.

    Step 6

  7. Go back to the other island (location #4) and use your second rope on the "long branched tree" branch (location #5) and swing across. Talk to Grew and give him the tooth. He will give you another part of the ogre statue. Go back to Og and talk to him. Give him the stolen gold bar and he will give you a third part of the ogre statue (one of the 3 ogres, either Og, Grew or Toban, will give you a crystal along with the statue part).

  8. Now go back to the Watchtower wizard (location #1) and use the items on him. He will give you an ogre statue when you give him all the 3 parts. With the statue, you can now enter the Ogre city.

  9. South of Yanille is a road that leads to Ogre city. Follow the road up the hill and then follow the western path. Use the statue with the Ogre guard (location #9) to get through to the Ogre city.

    Step 9

  10. Southwest of the main market area, you will find a Rock Cake stall (location #10). Steal a rock cake from the stall (do not eat the rock cake as you will lose hp!) and follow the path from the gate. Leave the market area and follow the path south till you see 2 ogre guards and a battlement (location #11). Try to climb the battlement and you will be stopped by the guard. He wants a rock cake. Give the Ogre the stolen rock cake and he will allow you to climb over the battlement and across the bridge.

    Step 10

  11. Now you will come to your next obstacle (location #12). You will come to a bridge with a gap that you need to jump over (to jump, simply click on the edge of the bridge). Try to jump and you will be stopped by the guard and you'll have to pay 20gp to jump. If you jump successfully, you will end up on the other side. Go over the bridge and you'll see some city guards (location #13). Talk to one of them and they will give you a riddle. The answer is death rune. Use a death rune with him and he will give you a scavid map.

    Step 11

  12. Go out of the city and follow the path from the gate. Follow the path east till you see a cave (location #A). Be sure to have the scavid map and the lit candle on you. If you don't have a lit candle, you will end up in a empty cave and have to find a way out. Enter the cave and talk to the scared scavid. They will help teach you their language. However, you must speak with the other scavids as well. (note: the location of the scared scavids may vary for each person? for me they were in location #D.)

    Step 12

  13. Exit the cave and search around the ogre city for caves (locations #A, B, C, D, E). Enter the caves starting with (location #D) and talk to the scavids. Give them the right response. (Note: each time you enter a scavid cave, they talk gibberish and then you pick a reply. If you pick the wrong one, the conversation ends. Write down what they said. Exit the cave, re-enter and pick a different answer. Then write down the one that they finally liked.) When you have given the right response to all the scavids, go to the scared scavids again and talk to them.

    A. Bidith Tanath - response is Cur
    B. Gor Cur - response is Ar
    C. Cur Bidith - response is Ig
    E. Tanath Gor - response is Nod

  14. Go out of the cave and follow the path south till you see 2 ogre guards (location #14). Talk to one of them. He will ask for a gold bar. Use the gold bar with him and he will let you through. Follow the road, cross the bridge and enter the cave (location #15). Talk to the mad scavid in there. Give him the right response (he uses the same phrases as above just rearranged, for example: he says Ar Cur and you respond Gor) and he'll give you the second crystal. Take 2 nightshades that respawn there.

    Step 14

  15. Go to the market and use the nightshade with the guard in front of a cave entrance (location #16). (BE CAREFUL NOT TO EAT THE NIGHTSHADE: IT CAUSES HEAVY IMMEDIATE HP DAMAGE *AND* POISONS YOU!) Enter the cave (warning: do not enter the cave without an anti dragon shield!). Once you're in the cave (there are ogre shamans, ogre guards and blue dragons in here. Do NOT attack the ogre shamans), go North till you see a cave exit. Go out the exit and back to the wizard. He will tell you about a potion that will kill the ogre shamans.

    Step 15

  16. Get your jangerberries, guam leaf, pestle and mortar, water filled vial and bat bones. Mix them in this order (any other order will make the potion explode in your face and you'll lose a fair amount of hp): add a guam leaf to the water filled vial, then add the janger berry (use - not eat - the berry), grind your bat bones and add the ground bat bones. Go back to the wizard and he will enchant the potion.

  17. Go back to the market cave (location #16) and use your second nightshade on the guard (again be Careful Not to Eat it!) When you're in the cave, you'll have to use the potion with all the shamans. When you use the potion on a shaman, he disappears. When you used the potion on the last shaman, he disappears and drops the third crystal.

    Step 17

  18. Go to the rock in the middle of the cave. Mine the rock and you should get the fourth and last crystal.

    Step 18

  19. Go back to the wizard and talk to him. Place the four crystals on the appropriate pillars, and then pull the lever.
    • Purple crystal - North-east pillar
    • Green crystal - South-east pillar
    • Yellow crystal - South-west pillar
    • Cyan crystal - North-west pillar
    Step 19

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Quest Complete!

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