This Data was submitted by: Fireball0236, Hurricane_da_superhero, 890657342847, Devilfromhec, kid ur white, svengali86, Taillae, Lynx Sabre, noel, Ik Wil Geen, Sarah Gillam, milaspy007, Rho, Du'Cate, Fudge, Rageblazer, Poison, Shadow Stalker, Dark Zeph, dragoonslayer92, evomasta, Henry-X, nl1bzw, DRAVAN, iof_aequitas, indi1157, tomcat11224, Nubknacker2k, Deltantor, yugi the oh, callum ovi, beef moo, Mythiquedame, XenCade, Numberplay, paige96312, Gonza211, Lacedonian, Cloudsfinalh, skidude609, Bladerman970, Clamball, icebob23, BobbehMan, wolfblast, dylanpirate, Realruth, and tezka2k06.

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