This Data was submitted by: Fireball0236, Chopsteeq, Uber, Im4eversmart, cruchible, trekkie, sir karamu, Xeonforce, Psycho944, carduel, Boomer Q, DRAVAN, villike, Sheep01, Fivestar24, 1blujay, Stuntus, Theflint, mufus, banjo233, mythiquedame, Killmouski, new one, cpl erik, Blackdeath0o, mor1a, time_x87, Chaosblade, Sccrluk9, Famous109, Shellshade1, Crusader sid, Jakesterwars, Raycoms, paige96312, Anton_2oo5, Graystar, i love WCAR, sub stabber, I Flame, Madame Kate, welsh boy12, and Bazzy.

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