Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Items Needed to Enter Area:
Armor and food.
The kingdom of Misthalin. East of Varrock and west of Silvarea. A Soul's Bane is required to enter.
Quests Available in the Area:

Dungeon Of Tolna Map


There are four main areas (aka "Rooms") of this dungeon, each one of them containing their own unique set of monsters.

Anger Room:

The Anger Room contains monsters are are best suited for players with the levels of 40's-50's. Fear Reapers are currently level 58 and possess 1450 lifepoints. These creatures are particularly weak against Fire Spells.

Confusion Room:

The confusion Room contains "Confusion Beasts". These creatures are level 39 and have 1400 lifepoints. They can poison, yet are weak to Fire Spells as well.

Hopeless Room:

The Hopeless Room is home to "Hopeless Creatures". These monsters are level 68 and have 1700 lifepoints. These are currently the strongest monsters located within this dungeon. The are weak against Fire Spells.

Fear Room:

This room contains Fear Reapers and is only recommended for those with combat levels in at least the high 40s. Fear reapers are level 58 and have 1450 lifepoints. They are weak to Fire Spells.

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