35 Smithing to make.
Where Found:
Respawns in the Level 10 Wilderness part of the Edgeville Dugeon by the Earth Warriors.

Player made (See Notes); Bought from Bow and Arrow salesman in the Ranging Guild and in Catherby; Steal these from a chest in Hemenster (right next to Fishing Guild and Fishing contest) and Rellekka with a Lockpick; Possible monster drop.
Respawn Location:
Item Uses:
Used to make steel arrows.
This item can be made using the Smithing skill. Skill Requirement: 35; EXP Given: 37.5. Made by using 1 Steel bar on an anvil with a Hammer in your inventory. 1 bar makes 15 arrowtips.
0 kg
Examine Information:
I can make some arrows with these.
Dropped By:

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