70 Mining to mine (Exp: 95); 70 Smithing to smelt (Exp: 37.5).
Where Found:
Mined from various locations; Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used to make Adamantite bars.
Can be mined in these locations: Dwarven Mines, Edgeville Dungeon, Haunted Mine, Al Kharid Mine, Heroes' Guild Mine, Jatizso Mine, West Lumbridge Swamps, Crandor, and North-East of the "Bandit Camp" (in the Wilderness). Can be purchased from Hring Hring in Jatizso. Also a possible reward from burning a Vyrewatch corpse.
This item can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
2 kg
Examine Information:
This needs refining.
Dropped By:

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