Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
Decent levels in all skills (30+).
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Various items needed to train each skill.
Items Recommended:
Enhanced excalibur and anything you would bring with you while skilling.
Starting Point:
To Start:
Speak to the archeologists in the Varrock Museum.
Getting Started:


The archeologists will tell you about a Second Age Mage named Dahmaroc who was cursed to stone. The objective is to rebuild this mage by collecting all of the 30 rocks from the different skills (2 in each).
The archeologists can also make it so you do not receive rocks while training if you like and can supply you with a Statue list to keep record of what rocks you have yet to gather.

Strange Rocks:


There are 30 rocks in total, 2 rocks in each of the 15 skills involved. The skills involved include: Agility, Cooking, Construction, Crafting, Farming, Fletching, Fishing, Firemaking, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Runecrafting, Smithing, Thieving, and Woodcutting. After the first rock is obtained, the chance of the second is halved making it longer to obtain, although for some skills you can obtain both rocks one after the other. The rocks will appear in your inventory taking the place of an object you are training with if there is no room except in the case of construction. The main thing to keep in mind with these rocks is patience. Many rocks can take well over an hour to obtain. The archeologists will give you a list of what rocks you still need to collect if you ask.



Agility Rock

The Agility rocks can be obtained by using the following agility courses:

o Tree Gnome Stronghold
o Barbarian
o Brimhaven (after each 10 tickets)
o Agility Pyramid
o Werewolf (must return the stick)
o Ape Atoll
o Bandos Throne Room
o Dorgesh-Kaan courses
o Wilderness

These include the advanced courses. Agility is commonly the most time consuming rock to obtain.


Requirements: High Agility Level, Food, Enhanced excalibur (Recommended).
What to do: Go to the best agility course you can successfully complete without losing too many life points. If you are around 70+ agility this would be Werewolf. Basically, just train agility as you normally would, as long as the course is in the list above.


Construction Rock

To obtain the construction rock, you need to make furniture in the building mode or when creating flatpack items in your workshop.


Requirements: A Player Owned House.
What to do: Build furniture or make flatpack items.


Cooking Rock

These rocks are only obtained from cooking fish, which is why it is suggested to combine the fishing and cooking rocks. You can fish for the fishing rocks and then cook the fish you catch for the cooking rocks.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: High Cooking.
What to do: Purchase the highest level fish you can cook, preferably without burning, and cook them.

Method 2 (Cheaper):

Requirements: Fishing Net or Lobster Pot. What to do: Fish the highlest level fish you can with a fishing net or lobster pot. Monkfish being the best, and cook these fish. This can save you a fair amount of money.


Crafting Rock

You can obtain these rocks from making jewellery, crafting leather/dragonhide items, making molten glass, or making clay items (not fired though).

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: 38 Crafting, Needle, and Thread.
What to do: Purchase leather or make it yourself, then craft leather coifs.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: 5 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, and Ring Mould.
What to do: Mine Gold ores, then smelt the ore into Gold bars, then craft Gold rings.


Farming Rock

Due to the nature of this skill, the rocks can take some time. You can obtain rocks from only harvesting vegetables, hops, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, or bushes; planting seeds and saplings as well.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: 47 Farming.
What to do: Plant Watermelons in all eight Allotment plots, tend to them, and harvest. If you like, you can plant Lilies in the flower plots to project your crops, or pay 10 curry leaves per plot to have the farmer look after them.

Method 2 (Cheaper):

Requirements: None.
What to do: Plant Potatoes in all eight Allotment plots, tend to them, and harvest. The pay for farmers is only 2 buckets of compost. You can use the crop to create your own compost to pay the farmers with.

Note: If you like, you can plant herbs and harvest them to save for Herblore.


Firemaking Rock

These rocks are obtained from making fires with a tinderbox.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: Tinderbox, High Firemaking
What to do: Purchase the best logs you can light, and light them.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: Tinderbox and Woodcutting hatchet.
What to do: Chop your own logs and burn them. You can also get your logs from your Kingdom of Miscellania and burn them.


Fishing Rock

These rocks wash up in your net or lobster cage.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: Small Fishing Net, 62 Fishing, Swan Song
What to do: Fish Monkfish in Piscatoris.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: Lobster Cage, 40 Fishing, 40 Cooking
What to do: Fish Lobster, preferably at Catherby, and then cook them.


Fletching Rock

These are pretty easy rocks to obtain. You must make unstrung bows or crossbow stocks.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: Knife and High Fletching.
What to do: Purchase the best logs you can cut into bows, and fletch them.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: Knife and a Woodcutting hatchet.
What to do: Chop your own logs and fletch them. You can also get your logs from your Kingdom of Miscellania and fletch them.


Herblore Rock

These are obtained by adding secondary ingredients to unfinished potions or cleaning herbs. As mentioned above in the farming section, it is suggested to farm your own herbs to save some money.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: High Herblore and completion of Druidic Ritual.
What to do: Purchase all of the herbs, or unfinished potions, and the secondary ingredients. Then add the secondary ingredients to the unfinished potions.

Method 2 (Cheaper):

Requirements: High Farming, High Herblore, and completion of Druidic Ritual.
What to do: Plant the best herbs you can make and farm. Then harvest them, either collect the secondary ingredients yourself or purchase them, then mix the potions. If you have low farming, you can get your herbs from your Miscellania Kingdom.

Sorceress's Garden (Efficient):

Requirements: Prince Ali Rescue Quest.
What to do: Depending on your Thieving level, you pick one of the four gardens to enter. Complete your way to the Herb patch inside the selected seasonal zone and pick from it. Clean/drop whatever you don't need or bank it all and use them for potions.


Hunter Rock

These are obtained from checking box traps, deadfall traps, falconry, or tracking.

Method 1:

Requirements: 43 Hunter and 500 coins.
What to do: Visit the falconry area in the Piscatoris hunter area and hunt.

Method 2 (Money Maker):

Requirements: 63 Hunter and several Boxtraps.
What to do: Hunt Red Chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter area.


Mining Rock

These are simple enough, just mine the normal ores or granite/sandstone. The ore deposits in the Living Rock Caves DO work.

Method 1 (Faster): Requirements: 30 Mining and a pickaxe.
What to do: Mine Coal or Pure Essence, Rune Essence also works for people below 30 mining.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: 5 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, and Ring Mould.
What to do: Mine gold ore, then smelt the ore into bars, then craft gold rings.


Runecrafting Rock

These are some of the longer rocks to obtain, crafting any rune works to obtain the rocks as well as the ZMI altar and playing the Great Orb Project.

Method 1 (Faster and Cheaper):

Requirements: 14 Runecrafting, Ring of Dueling
What to do: Craft fire runes using the ring of dueling to teleport between the duel arena and castle wars.

Method 2 (Money Maker):

Requirements: 44 Runecrafting, Rune Pouches (Suggested)
What to do: Craft Nature runes or higher.


Smithing Rock

Smelting/ smithing normal ores or smithing cannonballs works to obtain these rocks. Normal ores consists of bronze, iron, steel, gold, mithril, adamant, and runite.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: 22 Smithing
What to do: Purchase Iron bars, and smith Iron Knives.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: 5 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, Ring Mould
What to do: Mine gold ore, then smelt the ore into bars, then craft gold rings.


Thieving Rock

You must pick pocket, steal from stalls, or steal from chests to obtain these rocks. These are more time consuming than some of the other rocks, but not so much as the agility or runecrafting.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: 1 Thieving.
What to do: Pickpocket men and women.

Method 2 (Money Maker):

Requirements: 38 Thieving.
What to do: Pickpocket Master Farmers.


Woodcutting Rock

These are obtained from chopping any wood, ivy, or from the sawmill.

Method 1 (Faster):

Requirements: 68 Woodcutting, Hatchet
What to do: Chop Ivy.

Method 2 (More Efficient):

Requirements: 30 Woodcutting, Hatchet, knife and/or tinderbox
What to do: Chop willows or higher, and use the logs to light fires or fletch bows.



You will receive experience for each pair of stones for each skill. The amount of experience given is based upon your level in that skill. After gathering all 30 rocks and rebuilding the statue you will gain up to 15 kudos, a replica statue piece, and will be able to collect more rocks. You can only rebuild the statue once per week. After rebuilding the statue for the first time you will receive a Statue plinth to place in your Study of your house and can begin building a replica statue which consists of 30 replica pieces given after completing the statue.

Note: If you remove your Study the statue isn't demolished, you just have to receive a new plinth from the archeologists. However if you remove the statue from your Study then you will have to collect the pieces again and rebuild the statue in Varrock Museum.

Below is a calculator that will tell you how much experience you will gain in the chosen skill. Just enter your current level and it should tell you!

Replica Statue

Statue Plinth:
Picture Name Uses Level Required Exp gained
Statueplinth Statue plinth Placed in study of Player Owned House. Level 40 construction 2 XP gained

Replica Statue Pieces:
Picture Name Uses
Replica Piece 1 Replica Piece 1 - Agility Used with an identical piece to create the first section of the Replica Dahmaroc Statue in your Player Owned House.
Looks similar to the Agility Rock.
Replica Piece 2 Replica Piece 2 - Herblore Used with an identical piece to create the second section of the Replica Dahmaroc Statue in your Player Owned House.
Looks similar to the Herblore Rock.
Replica Piece 3 Replica Piece 3 - Thieving Used with an identical piece to create the second section of the Replica Dahmaroc Statue in your Player Owned House.
Looks similar to the Thieving Rock.
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