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[RuneHQ Event] Corporeal Beast - Saturday August 12th

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Deep down in the Wilderness dwells a fearsome beast. It used to terrorize poor living souls that couldn't communicate their sufferings to living beings and were trapped in an eternity of suffering and despair as their life force was consumed. However, since you freed them of their pain, the Corporeal Beast roams in a cavern (SAFE FROM PVP), ready to cast its powerful magic, troublesome Dark Core and its extremely dangerous Stomp attack. On the other hand, valuable rewards are awaiting the fearless adventurer that will slay this powerful monster: up to sigils that can be attach to spirit shields to make a valuable shield are for the grabs! This is your chance to conquer this boss and claim huge rewards! Join RuneHQ this week as we will slaughter this boss!


Event Details:

Date: Saturday August 12th

Time: Here

World: 67
FC: RHQ Events
Location: Corporeal Beast cave



Discord details:


Join here


We hope to see you all there!

The Events Team

Events Team = Best Team



















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This topic is now closed to further replies.