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  1. Well, My future Mother in law made a huge Christmas dinner. We had.. Turkey and Ham, hash brown casserole, corn, cheese and cracker tray, meat tray, fresh baked bread, choplets (vegetarian dish), Oatmeal patties, cranberry jelly, apple pie and cherry pie. It turned out to be an amazing dinner.
  2. Thank you Zandahar!! I hope so too!.. I've been trying to work on the Arc and playing catch up.
  3. So, I've been trying to obtain my first Skilling pet since their release. I basically gave up searching for it. Last night while I was cleaning up an uncharted island I was finally blessed. I obtained the Mining Skilling Pet, Rocky! I can't wait to obtain others.
  4. My first cape was Fletching. I obtained it on Aug 7, 2007. Gosh, those were the days when everyone would show up to a cape party. I helped so many people out to obtain that cape. From fletching 20k yew logs and stringing them, to doing arrows and other things for the clan I was in. Getting that first 99 was a great feeling. I set the goal to get that 99 and did it non stop. Lol, I have the video on Youtube still Lol. What a great day.
  5. I have several. I do hope to obtain more. Lucky Armadyl Chestplate Lucky Armadyl Chainskirt Lucky Off-hand Chaotic claw Lucky Gown of Subjugation Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield Lucky Bandos Godsword Lucky Off-hand Chaotic Rapier Lucky Bandos Chestplate.
  6. Very nice!
  7. My Goals for December is to try to get a little closer to 120 Dung/Inv. I was able to max last month. Also I obtained my Quest Cape again this month. So, I was very happy about that. Still working on obtaining a skilling pet. But I am still at 0. Best of luck to everyone!
  8. We come for the free cookies!
  9. I first came and checked out the site due to hearing about RuneHQ on game. I used the site for almost all the information I needed to understand the game more. The more I used the site the more I wanted to become a member. So back in 2007 I became a member. Celebrated my 4 yrs this year. I didn't use the forums as much until the past year when I became a very active here. I eventually found out the main clan chat ( now friends chat) that everyone was in. Made so many new friends and close friends. I don't think any other site could beat a community like this. I feel so much at home here with you all. I couldn't join another community. You have made my experience here on RuneHQ well worth it! Thank you to all. Tam <3
  10. I don't like showing my pics off. I'm very shy when it comes to that. I am who I am tho. And I love it! Picture from last year. I just had 13 inches of hair cut off. This was my 32nd Birthday party. My Sister, Brother and myself. We are a goofy bunch together. But we know how to have fun! Yup. I went blonde. If you can't see in my B-day picture. I'll post some more later on when I get them.
  11. 0/10 Sorry I don't know you... :\
  12. Thank you for the information! This will truly help myself as well as others to keep our eye open for potential threats..
  13. 3/10.. I can't remember seeing you much Sniper. @ Greg.. I know, I try to be. Thank you for the 11 I'd give you an 11 if I was after you.
  14. Hello there. My name is Tammy, also known as Madame Iris. People call me Iris on the game or call me by my name. Either way it doesn't bug me. I have been a Rs'er for 5 years. Been apart of RuneHQ I think for 4 yrs. Not exactly sure of the date I became a member.. I enjoy playing MMO's. I love questing on the game. I enjoy challenges. Still haven't beaten Jad yet. But I will some day. I am from Michigan, USA, Earth, Milky way Galaxy. LOL! I'm 32yrs old, Female.. Yes, I am as many here are, adult players. I use to be a hard worker until I had an accident on the job that caused me not to be able to do a whole lot of working. So that is why you see me on the game often. I had recently taken time off the game due to some personal matters. I am back playing full force. I am still on my road of obtaining all the capes. I am a very helpful, friendly, and easy person to get along with. I lend my ear to those who need someone to talk to. I have many friends who have kind of adopted me as an online Sister. I think it's cool. Can't have enough brothers/sisters. I sometimes leave my private chat set to on. So if you see me on don't hesitate to add me as a friend and say hi. I think that is just about it. I am sure if have any questions you can feel free to ask me in game/pm. Toodles!
  15. I am with Boo on this as well. You guys have done such an outstanding job when everything happened. Keep up the great work everyone. <3