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  1. Having a relaxing night

  2. What's for Christmas lunch/dinner?

    Well, My future Mother in law made a huge Christmas dinner. We had.. Turkey and Ham, hash brown casserole, corn, cheese and cracker tray, meat tray, fresh baked bread, choplets (vegetarian dish), Oatmeal patties, cranberry jelly, apple pie and cherry pie. It turned out to be an amazing dinner.
  3. First skilling pet

    Thank you Zandahar!! I hope so too!.. I've been trying to work on the Arc and playing catch up.
  4. We must remain strong through these dark times.

    1. Sumurai8


      I propose we hire the sun to keep us warm and in broad daylight.

  5. So, I've been trying to obtain my first Skilling pet since their release. I basically gave up searching for it. Last night while I was cleaning up an uncharted island I was finally blessed. I obtained the Mining Skilling Pet, Rocky! I can't wait to obtain others.
  6. First Level 99?

    My first cape was Fletching. I obtained it on Aug 7, 2007. Gosh, those were the days when everyone would show up to a cape party. I helped so many people out to obtain that cape. From fletching 20k yew logs and stringing them, to doing arrows and other things for the clan I was in. Getting that first 99 was a great feeling. I set the goal to get that 99 and did it non stop. Lol, I have the video on Youtube still Lol. What a great day.
  7. Lucky items

    I have several. I do hope to obtain more. Lucky Armadyl Chestplate Lucky Armadyl Chainskirt Lucky Off-hand Chaotic claw Lucky Gown of Subjugation Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield Lucky Bandos Godsword Lucky Off-hand Chaotic Rapier Lucky Bandos Chestplate.
  8. Golden Priff

    Very nice!
  9. December Goals/How was your November?

    My Goals for December is to try to get a little closer to 120 Dung/Inv. I was able to max last month. Also I obtained my Quest Cape again this month. So, I was very happy about that. Still working on obtaining a skilling pet. But I am still at 0. Best of luck to everyone!
  10. OMG I am back!!! It's been 3 years and 10 months I think since the last time I logged on to Rhq.. I'm sure tons have changed. Going to do some looking around. Hello to all of those who remember me! I feel like an alien right now lol!

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    2. DarkPyroNinja


      Welcome back. Hopefully you like all the changes and improvements!

    3. cowlover
    4. Tammy E

      Tammy E

      Thank you all!


  11. Is going to bed.. Today ended up in a very ruff sort of way. Tomorrow is a new day.. Goodnight Rhq.

  12. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

  13. Not sure what I am going to do.

  14. Not in a very happy mood.

  15. 7 capes till max and I can't seem to get into the groove of things to do them... Help :(

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    2. Seinami
    3. Kunio


      Iris, don't fall for it, that will only get in the way of your big achievement.

    4. Tammy E

      Tammy E

      Hahaha, yeah I won't listen to Anthuny. ;) I actually been working on Dung more. We'll see what I have accomplished at the end of the year.