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  1. Second Graardor kill... Ring of Wealth shines brightly... Bandos Tassets drop!

  2. Birthday task from Raptor: Kalphites. The good news: it's one of my favorites. Bad news: He assigned like 300. This could take a little while at the exhiled hive.

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    2. DarkPyroNinja


      Happy belated birthday!

    3. Kunio


      Happy late birthday! Just kill 300 Kalphite Kings. That's a bank task!

    4. Shaleclaw


      lol. That would have been great, Kunio! I settled for Exhiled K. Guardians instead, though. Made about 1m over the task or so.


      ...And then got assigned Hellhounds. Yay.

  3. Got the soap! And the cookies from the RuneHQ fridge.

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    2. Sumurai8


      Who keeps soap in the fridge? Oh right, this is RuneHQ.

    3. senug


      Only Shale can put soap in a fridge :P

    4. Koviana


      *steals cookies*

  4. Soap Battle

    *Breaks through the wall like the Coolaid Man* OH YEAH! Us Regs got the soap! B)
  5. Soap Battle

    *equips attackers with gas masks to filter out the smells* -10 Defense Total defense is now 10.
  6. Soap Battle

    *Called D-4 and sank the soap defenders' battleship* -10 Defense Total Defense is now a mere 10.
  7. Many thanks to our brave defenders of freedom! Your courage and service is appreciated.

  8. Soap Battle

    *uses tinderbox on soap barricade* -10 Defense Total defense is 30.
  9. Yum or Yuk!

    GIMME ZAN. Zuccinni fries?
  10. Yum or Yuk!

    YUM. So much want. Dipping grilled cheese in tomato soup?
  11. That moment when... your ship fails a 97% success mission.

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    2. Sirius XM

      Sirius XM

      if this is true ^, go play the lottery because those odds are crazy LOL

    3. Fahd
    4. Alfawarlord


      what Gray said is true. A mission can fail even if it was 99.9% one

  12. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    Get out of here, Kovi! 4!
  13. Yum or Yuk!

    Sorry Aussies... That one's Yuk! Sweet potato fries?
  14. Happy Birthday, Graystar! :D

  15. Funny pictures/videos

    In honor of a new week....