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  1. *Insert profound status update here*

    1. DarkPyroNinja


      Doc! Welcome back to the forums! Haven't seen you in years :o


      So, what'd'ya say? Jellybaby?

    2. Doc


      Jelly babies are the answer to anything and everything. B-)

  2. It's been a while since the last time I was here.

    1. DarkPyroNinja


      Hey Doc! Welcome back. :) I hope your life is doing well.

    2. @Zandahar
    3. Super Fly

      Super Fly

      Whats up doc!

  3. I really need to stop going on hiatuses. Once again I have missed your return.

  4. If reincarnation is real, I hope to be reincarnated into a Masshole.

    1. Claudia


      One does not simply become a Masshole.

      One is born with it.

  5. *Looks at RuneLabs, sees idiotic suggestions, then sees people throwing tantrums in an effort to remove EoC. Leaves*

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    2. 2003 Veteran

      2003 Veteran

      To be honest, I wasn't happy with EoC, but now I can't play without it :3

    3. Kunio


      That's pretty much how I was too.

    4. Tri_Killer2


      I still don't play with eoc unless I am bossing.

  6. I'm slowly embracing the way of the no-lifers, but school (and especially final exams) are in the way. But winter is coming, and then I shall be one with the no-life! >:D

    1. Sarawr


      Haha good luck!!

  7. Currently playing OSRS. I don't know how survive as a lvl 4 noob anymore. D:

    1. PK_Not_Ok


      Eat jelly babies. It normally works.

  8. Several Temple Trekking runs later... still no undead lumberjacks. :(


  10. Just 6 more Herblore lvls until I can start Plague's End.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Doc


      I needz moar monies!!!


      So for the time being I'm flipping and doing slayer.

    3. R Y A N
    4. Doc


      I iz turrible at PvP.

  11. I want to get to the upper-tiers of the wildstalker helmet and the duelist's cap, but I'm terrible at PvP. -_-

    1. Kunio


      I'm sure Sliver can help you become a great PKer!

      Ha, joking, he's not that great. But you can probably kill him 5000 times if you give him poutine.

    2. Sliver


      It isn't very hard to learn, just need to find your style that suits you and learn to use your abilities correctly

  12. So many things to do in RS right now. I can't focus on a single thing because of that! :P

    1. Kunio


      That's how I feel. The angel on my shoulder is telling me to get a quest cape though. The other is telling me to skill.

    2. senug


      Same here Reyn :D I got a quest cape in my bank but can't wear it. Need to do 4 - no wait, 5 since a new one has come - quests for it :D

  13. Went from 5 Divination to 70 Divination in a matter of days. :o

  14. Got my membership back and among the first things I did was to finish The Brink of Extinction. Awww yeah!

    1. Supremacy


      Congratulations!! Now go on and get Obsidian armor/Kiln Cape! :D

    2. senug