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  1. Mafia 13!

    This is to let you guys know that I'll be gone this weekend. I'd like to change my vote to follow the majority if this is possible, otherwise I'll stay with Kilvehk.
  2. Mafia 13!

    I'll vote Kilvehk @Kittyhawk: I was cleared by the detective
  3. Mafia 13!

    @Rose: Senug looked at me and I was a townie. And I'm not the godfather. I have absolutely no clue, so I'm not voting for the moment.
  4. Mafia 13!

    Nooo Poor Senug. At least he gave us our first maffia.
  5. When your wine has a corktaste, heating it up and adding gluhwein herbs is not a solution

  6. Mafia 13!

    First of all: I'm not new to the game, I play the cardgame a lot (though the dynamics are entirely different there) Second: I was pretty inactive due to the fact that the exams are finally done and I had to meet all of my friends again after a month of solitude I should be more active from now on. Third: Sliverdagger1 Why? Because we need a lynch, even if it's a random one. I doubt that any good reasons will come up, I believe Claudia on the three cops and Sliver is the only one that has a vote already.
  7. Mafia 13!

    I think it's this line.
  8. Mafia 13!

    I did Last game I just had a feeling that as soon as Kilvehk voted, everybody else voted for that same person. Even in this game Claudia has apparently an unwavering trust in Kilvehk without any real reason (I think). People should tell what they're feeling, even if they have nothing to base it upon. I wasn't critisising Kilvehk last game, I was critisising everybody else for blindly following him Imagine if Kilvehk was a maffia last game, he completely controlled the flow of the game, which would have very easilly netted him the victory
  9. Mafia 13!

    I have absolutely no clue, just posting this so people don't say I'm too quiet @Claudia: if Kilvehk is mafia, will you take a pictures of how you eat a shoe please? But since I think that not lynching someone is worse than taking a random lynch: anthuny
  10. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

    Alright then: 3/10
  11. Mafia 13!

    Hmmm, I retract my vote untill more comes up.
  12. Last one to post wins

  13. Mafia 13!

    Yeah, you got a point there McSwindler
  14. Mafia 13!

    Sorry, I quite like my facebook, I voter for: Google+
  15. Last one to post wins

    Hey guys, what's going on here?