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  1. Mafia 15 - MINI GAME!

    Well we have no better ideas
  2. Mafia 15 - MINI GAME!

    Hmm, basically townies have lost this one.
  3. Mafia 15 - MINI GAME!

    Hi guys!
  4. Mafia 13!

  5. Mafia 13!

    I SAY!
  6. Mafia 13!

    I say you post the sign ups for Mafia 14. We have waited long enough, this game is pretty much dead.
  7. Mafia 13!

    Game ends. Townies win? YAYYYY
  8. Mafia 13!

    Well, ermm...
  9. Mafia 13!

    Do you or anyone have anything better? No? Exactly... We have no leads and our doctor and detective are both dead so we basically have to do random lynches on townies that haven't been cleared by the detective or roleclaimed as a cop. We NEED a lynch today.
  10. Mafia 13!

    As far as I am aware Kilvehk is the majority
  11. Mafia 13!

    Rose, just like many others this game said she would be not as active, I presume because of school/college reasons. I urge everyone to basically vote and get a majority today cos if we don't, the odds of winning this game will be even less likely
  12. Mafia 13!

    Understandable kilvehk, but without a doctor and detective we are running out of luck. We have 4 townies that are cleared, 3 cops and 1 from the detective, even tho that means shadow could be the God father. But yeah, we cannot afford to have no lynch today
  13. Mafia 13!

    Agreed with CapuDie, and Kilvehk, you know you always go on about hunches... Well you're my hunch this game I am hoping I am right. Because tonight either me, Claudia or Swindler are gonna die...
  14. Mafia 13!

    Gonna get right into it. I am going to vote for Kilvehk, my reason for this is all the past games I have played with him he has been a townie and this game he seems to be playing differently to the way he usually plays. So yeah
  15. Mafia 13!

    Least it would be a better excuse for not having done my homework than "my dog ate it"