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  1. Hard drive replacement

    To hell with Hydra, they're scum; kudos to the Mods. and Admins. who worked to sort out the replacement drive, and copy everything onto it.
  2. Huh...? There're fresh tracks to unlock? You're sure you didn't just forget to unlock them during the Quest...?
  3. File: special/new-player-basics-and-features-guide Section: special Members: Yes Username: Info: Fletching needs to be marked/discussed as a free skill; assuming this guide is going to be updated...? Also I think the "Level suggestions before becoming a Member" are a bit high; I'd say 50+ across the board is plenty....
  4. AFKing is life

    @ChathMurrpau: Taking your inspiration for slogans from the Jem'Hadar now....?
  5. Bazzy helped me in-game, and I can confirm his description is accurate. So perhaps change the clue to read "Southwest of Pyramid Plunder", instead?
  6. File: minigame/treasure-trails Section: minigame Members: Yes Username: Info: The following clue needs to be clarified; I can't find the boxes in question anywhere... "Sophind yourself some treasure by searching these boxes."
  7. mafchiefs Clue Scroll Log

    OUCH.... Worst. re-roll. luck. ever!!
  8. File: skill/slayer Section: skill Members: Yes Username: Info: Hi, the following paragraph is wrong; Turael and Spria only re-set your count if you ask for an easier task; this does re-set your streak. "Slayer points are awarded upon completion of your 5th and every following task. The amount of points awarded depends on which Slayer Master assigned the task (see table below). You are allowed to mix and match between Slayer Masters e.g complete 4 tasks for Chaeldar and then your 5th task for Duradel. This way you will receive the points Duradel normally grants after 5 of his tasks. If you are using this method to obtain more Slayer points, do not use Turael/Spria as they reset your counter to 0." If however, I do three tasks with Sumona, the fourth task with Turael, and the fifth with Mazchna, it DOES NOT RESET. This is because I have not gone to Turael for an easier task, but simply took my third task of five from him.
  9. File: skill/ranged Section: skill Members: Yes Username: Info: Please update the info in the 'Bows' table for the Elder short bow and shield bow; I just tested the short bow near Mobilising Armies, and it fired Dragon arrows without any problems.
  10. File: minigame/treasure-trails Section: minigame Members: Yes Username: Info: Due to the site of Shattered Worlds now being in Lumby swamp, the following clue probably requires a new picture: 00 degrees 20 minutes south 23 degrees 15 minutes east (00.20 S, 23.15 E) I'm useless at taking proper screenshots or I would do it, as I have just received this clue; I was comparing the world map to the picture given, and the issue with Shattered Worlds being nearby occurred to me....
  11. The Grand View - Chath's log

    You guys are making me soooo bloody jealous; I've only got 5 99's, and that's it!! No Fire Cape, no major Titles, no nothing....
  12. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

    No, I didn't, but I'll do that now; thanks for the heads-up....
  13. New RuneHQ Clan Ranks

    @mafchief: Slightly OT question; what's the 'Scribbler' award, and how did you earn it?
  14. Closed: Quest - Eyes of Glouphrie, The

    Is he talking about a faster way to kill Glouphrie's spying pets....?