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  1. Forum Upgrade and any accompanying bugs

    The chrome mobile browser has a "Request Desktop Site" checkbox in the menu that does what you requested. Depending on your browser, you might want to see if you have something similar to this.
  2. Going to RuneFest? Watching it on stream? Keep an eye out for James, Oliver, and myself!

  3. I miss Hilary (Hilwin1) :( It's not her birthday, though.

    1. Sarawr


      I miss Hilary too, she was so lovely :(

  4. At the RS Gathering.. hope to see more faces I recognize there soon!

  5. Depositing US check into UK bank account and told everything is good. One day later, letter saying they can't take the check. Two days later, that money appears in my account. I'm confused.

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    2. Amoa


      UK banks are FTW.

    3. Sumurai8


      To complete the confusion, can you gimme all the moneyz? :D By postal mail :D In your favourite type of coins. I like to eat coins. They tasty.

    4. Hope


      Don't spend that money until you get confirmation from the bank that it is there.

  6. Koviana's Art Gallery

    Yep.. your pictures are still amazing. Keep up the awesome work!
  7. To the RHQ Community

    Gene helped shape me into who I am today. Without RuneHQ and without Gene being who he is, I never would have had the opportunity to become an Administrator and help shape RuneHQ into it what it is today. He helped teach me most of what I know about servers. He helped teach me what it means to run a business. He helped teach me how to argue my opinion to someone as stubborn as an ox. For everything he has done for me, I am forever grateful. The thing I'll remember most about Gene has nothing to do with how much I disagreed with his decisions nor how much I disliked his approach. We may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but I can't deny how enthusiastic he was about making sure this site was up to his standards. I'll always remember the Gene that was having fun with and helping the community; the Gene that was playing RuneScape like the rest of us; the Gene that was singing when nobody wanted him to just because he was enjoying life. That is truly the Gene we all know and love. I'm glad to hear nothing negative is happening to this site, but even if things do change in the future, Gene will never be forgotten. RIP Gene. <3
  8. Visa accepted! Moving to England in a few weeks to marry the most amazing woman ever and start my life again.

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    2. St Squiggy

      St Squiggy

      Congratulations Steve, here's to wishing you two all good times!

    3. Tri_Killer2
    4. Kushie


      *applauds Marriage is an amazing thing I wish you the best.

  9. Quick they might see!

    I see. Bad start, guys! Next up, I choose ShadowWolf94. 1
  10. Happy Birthday! You are dearly missed here :)

  11. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    The results are in! 18 different people were successful in killing the NM a total of 71 times! And we have our first ever tie for first place..! The winners of this competition with 9 kills each are... AS Bob and Justic3 U Congratulations to the winners who should be receiving a PM from me shortly. The tie means there is no second place, but third place came really close with a total of 8 kills... Sumurai8 Congratulations Sumu! You will also be receiving a PM soon. Full list of results: Kills - Name 9 - Justic3 U 9 - AS Bob 9 - Double_D_Edd 8 - Sumurai8 6 - Benno 6 - High Vortex 4 - Tri_Killer2 4 - Madame Kate 4 - The Cardinal 3 - DJ Phox 2 - Varunky 1 - Dawn 1 - Shaleclaw 1 - October Rust 1 - Sliver 1 - Graystar 1 - Rednar 1 - Amoa Thanks to all of you for participating once again in this competition. The more people that participate on a regular basis, the larger the prizes can be, so make sure you get everyone else to start battling as well! As always, if you have any suggestions for future competitions, please forward them along to my PM. As a final note, a saw a number of suggestions about how I should change the name of the NM to RooBot. I wanted to address why I won't be doing that. The word "bot" is not a good term in the RuneScape community. I thought about it constantly when the BattleBots were still around and oftentimes had to phrase things extremely carefully when making contests or posting on the main website. Yes, I get it that you active players understand, but think about how some new person skimming the post might see things when I created a post in the past saying "create your own bot!" For this reason, I will not be using the word "bot" for anything to do with Battle anytime in the foreseeable future; however, I am open to changing the name of the NM account to something else if you can all come up with a new name and agree on it.
  12. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    The Battle competition has now ended. Results will be posted either in a couple hours or sometime tomorrow. Haven't yet decided if I'm too exhausted to compute numbers tonight.
  13. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    Attack expiration has been set back to 60 minutes. It will remain this way likely the rest of the competition. It _could_ change within the last few hours (as I'm working until 2 hours before the expected ending time).
  14. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    For the next 2-3 hours only, all attacks expire every 30 minutes. I've also reset everyone's attacks, so everyone is at full health and everyone can use all attacks again.
  15. Battle Competition: Nov 23 - 24

    The NM just had its maximum health decreased to 11,000 (previously 15,000). Good luck!