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  1. The chrome mobile browser has a "Request Desktop Site" checkbox in the menu that does what you requested. Depending on your browser, you might want to see if you have something similar to this.
  2. Yep.. your pictures are still amazing. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Gene helped shape me into who I am today. Without RuneHQ and without Gene being who he is, I never would have had the opportunity to become an Administrator and help shape RuneHQ into it what it is today. He helped teach me most of what I know about servers. He helped teach me what it means to run a business. He helped teach me how to argue my opinion to someone as stubborn as an ox. For everything he has done for me, I am forever grateful. The thing I'll remember most about Gene has nothing to do with how much I disagreed with his decisions nor how much I disliked his approach. We may not have always seen eye-to-eye, but I can't deny how enthusiastic he was about making sure this site was up to his standards. I'll always remember the Gene that was having fun with and helping the community; the Gene that was playing RuneScape like the rest of us; the Gene that was singing when nobody wanted him to just because he was enjoying life. That is truly the Gene we all know and love. I'm glad to hear nothing negative is happening to this site, but even if things do change in the future, Gene will never be forgotten. RIP Gene. <3
  4. I see. Bad start, guys! Next up, I choose ShadowWolf94. 1
  5. I watch the latest naruto every week. Fairly recently I've started re-watching Inuyasha from the beginning. I've of course seen the obligatory multiple Dragonball series, watch Yu Yu Hakusho, and probably a few others. My question to everyone replying to this topic is... do you prefer to watch them in English... or in their original language with subtitles?
  7. Please do not post any How-to's for any glitches. I would also strongly advise everyone not to attempt these no matter how fun or harmless they may seem. I have deleted one post from this topic.
  8. The newspaper in its known form won't be making a return in the near future. We have another plan in the works which we hope you will enjoy. More details will be posted on that within the next few weeks. Since we no longer need feedback on the newspaper, I'll be closing this topic now!
  9. -1
  10. -5
  11. Roo was built for winning!
  12. So much forum games posting going on atm.... I wonder why *whistles* Zero.
  13. Hey Paul! Seems like you and Edd have a score to settle. I look forward to you joining my Battle guild in the future as our main focus will be on ensuring Edd remains dead.
  14. So apparently I'm the winner now... but I already knew that anyways. I'm awesome.
  15. 0 Yes, I like forum battle GP too!