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  1. Finished a little spring cleaning. Making way for the future.

    1. St Squiggy

      St Squiggy

      It's about that time for it lol

  2. Super Super Spartan

    Thanks everyone! I'm happy the team got the site up and working again, but I'm even happier about the (long) road ahead of us to make the site better. Hopefully, I can do the role justice for I know new and exciting things are in the path of RuneHQ.
  3. [MAFIA WIN] Mafia 37: A Town Lost

    Yeah, like I said, was hoping the doctor and the other inactives would play since they're pretty active people on the forums. If they would have played, you guys would have had it in the bag since somehow you called all the mafia lol.
  4. [MAFIA WIN] Mafia 37: A Town Lost

    As the remaining townies joined at the town center, they noticed again that one was missing. It seemed that this trend would continue on until the only few remaining were the Unknown. Tri_killer2 was found dead in his house, claw marks ravaged his body, a note written in blood read "The town is ours." Game over since its 3 vs 3. Congratulations to Owain121, Sliver and DarkPyroNinja for winning! Unfortunately Senug's luck (or lack of) continued into this game and his investigator role was killed off the first night. The person assigned doctor didn't protect anyone over the two nights so that led to an easy win for the Unknowns. Few townies also did not vote, which would have given the townies another day and probably the ability to win regardless of the doctor playing. IF there were more people, or Tri was saved last night, I'm confident that the town would have won. I also could have probably assigned 2 to the mafia side, but I was expecting a little more activity from the townie side.
  5. [MAFIA WIN] Mafia 37: A Town Lost

    The townies argued amongst their selves, pointing fingers and then repointing that finger when they changed their minds. Some still held back, deciding not to cast a vote (.......) which guaranteed the death of town over the next few days. Unable to come up with a majority of 4 votes, the town went to bed again for another restless night, surely someone would end up dead come morrow. Day cycle over. Night cycle begins, approximately 24 hours.
  6. [MAFIA WIN] Mafia 37: A Town Lost

    Sorry guys, had a busy past two days. Onward with the story... As the town awoke, many from a restless night of sleep, they noticed that another was missing again. He had went on about how he could be useful and that he felt he was being unfairly targeted by the town, and now he laid dead on his bedroom floor with claw marks through his chest. Senug, the town tracker, was no longer. Night cycle ends. Senug has perished, day cycle ends in (I'll just say approximately) 48 hours. When you guys vote to lynch someone, please bold or color the vote.
  7. [MAFIA WIN] Mafia 37: A Town Lost

    As night fell, and with no sheriff to stop the action, Spartan's body burned bright in the town center. Some members blamed each other, while others pointed out those who were unaccounted for. It was obvious the town was utterly confused on how to move forward as they went to bed. Day cycle ends. Night cycle begins, will end at 10:00 PM tomorrow (23 hours from now). Night cycle means no talking on the thread. See you guys tomorrow!
  8. The night had set, and the town was no closer to figuring who had killed the sheriff. Spartan was last seen the night before and after missing an important meeting this morning a few townies decided to check on him, and what they found was gruesome. The town was small with a population sign that now incorrectly read 9, and now having no sheriff the townies decided the best course of action was to systematically vote on others to be killed off. Rules 1. Day cycles are 48 hours, night cycles are 24 hours. 2. Townies can only talk during the day, night roles can only PM during the night. 3. No editing your post 4. Bold who you want to lynch when you post Players (In order of how they signed up): 1. Sliver 2. Senug - Died First Night 3. DarkPyroNinja 4. Wick 5. Owain121 6. Bazzy 7. Tri_killer2 - Dead Second Night 8. Koviana I'll PM you all your roles, if you don't receive a PM, you're just a regular townie. I'll also call for night actions via PM when the time is appropriate. Day cycle ends on Thursday at 10:00 pm CST. Let's get started.
  9. Mafia Round 37 Signups?

    Alright, guess we'll be starting this round light with 8. Going to make the opening thread tomorrow morning so if you see any forum users in between now and then, tell them to sign up
  10. Mafia Round 37 Signups?

    Marc is in whether he likes it or not, be a good opponent for Senug. 3 left to go, working on it. Edit: Kovi is in, 2 more to go
  11. Need 4 more people to start Mafia 37. Never played? It's easy and fun. http://bit.ly/1T71chO

    1. Spartan
    2. DarkPyroNinja
    3. senug


      Come on people sign up. It's ok if you never played before, you can learn along the way :) it's actually easy and fun to play. Most of the time we suspect me and I try and get out of suspicion :P Oh dear I think by saying that I signed my own death warrant :D

  12. Mafia Round 37 Signups?

    Looking for 4 more, probably start around Tuesday. Senug is anxious to die early.
  13. Mafia Round 37 Signups?

    I tried to warn he was putting a target on his back again But got you added.