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  1. Due to an unexpected glitch in the matrix, it seems that our system didn't want to let us unhide this post. But we shall not be stopped in our quest to help all of our users! So below you will find an image of the post in question. Thank you for helping our valued guests with their questions . The RuneHQ Staff Team
  2. You do not need to request an account to be able to use our TeamSpeak server. However, if you would like more permissions within the server and access to more channels, you can follow the directions below. This is for users who wish to be placed in the "Members" group on our server. How to Request an Authorized TeamSpeak Account 1) Create a topic in this forum (Request a TeamSpeak Authorization) and title it "TeamSpeak account request". 2) In that topic, provide us with the following information: Your TeamSpeak nickname Confirmation that you have connected at least once to our server. 3) Post your topic and wait for the TeamSpeak Staff to contact you regarding your request. Teamspeak Server info: or If you have any questions, feel free to ask any RuneHQ Staff member. Hope to see you on our server! Originally posted by Tri Killer2.
  3. IRC (Chatroom): There are many ways to connect to our IRC server. Here are the most common ways: 1. Click the Chat button at the top of the forums to connect to our server. 2. Use mIRC or another IRC client. Follow the steps on how to connect to our server in this FAQ: RuneHQ IRC Setup for mIRC TeamSpeak: Please read the following guide by clicking here. If you have questions, please drop Tri_Killer2 a PM. Orginally posted by Tri Killer2.
  4. Welcome RuneHQers! Over the past few weeks I have been reading over the many different guides that users are posting, I am glad to say people are doing well, they make interesting reads and thank you for posting them for other Rune HQ Users to use. Hopefully this topic will provide some useful tips on how to layout your guides to make them the most useful for other members. If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to reply with them and I will update it as new tips come in. General Tips Text Styles and Sizes Try to make sure that you use the default or easy to read texts, try to avoid overly small or overly big font sizes. Paragraphs Try not to have your guide as all one block of text, it makes it less attractive to read and less helpful. Try to split it into smaller paragraphs, grouping together all relevant parts. Spelling This is important; you need to be careful about spelling in guides. If English isn't your first language or if you find it difficult then feel free to PM a member of staff for spell checks, or other members are normally happy to help. It is not overly important to distinguish between English or American spelling, Rune HQ uses American spelling but either is okay. If you are critiquing a guide, please don't be overly harsh on spelling, while it's highly recommended that people use proper spelling that shouldn't be the main focus of a scathing attack on the guide. Formatting This is not overly important but it can make your guide look nicer and more appealing, there is a section written below about possible formats. Images If you wish to include images in your guides, which can be helpful, please make sure that your keep inside of our rules (So no more than 500kb in size) and make sure they are of reasonable size to be seen, not to small or to big. First Person / Third Person It is not vital but sometimes it can help to avoid using first person phrases in your guides, address things as Third Person phrases instead. Proof Read This is vital, you need to proof read your guides. Check that it makes sense, or it might help to get another person to read your guide, just to make sure it make sense to other people. Formatting Options When you are writing your guide, or posting it on Rune HQ, there are many different types of effects you can put on your text to make them stand out, these include different colours, sizes, emphasises, and different font styles. The main focuses you can put on text are bold, italic and underlined. These can be often used to highlight headings, sub-headings and other important bits of information that you want to draw people's attention to. It is better to use something like bold than to type all in capitals. Other than using the above styles, you can change the colours of text, this can either be done by selecting a colour from the provided ones by Rune HQ, or you can use any form of Hex Code to add a very specific colour. Short sentences are the best for getting a point across, it is vital to separate larger paragraphs into smaller more manageable amounts. It is possible to align the text, either to the left, the right or the middle of the post. This is especially useful for when you are adding in major titles, it lets people scan your guide and pick out the bits they want to read or re-read. Definitely avoid over using things like the "!" and "?", or posting in block capitals, it is not needed and you can use other forms of formatting to make thing stand out. Using "!" will just end up messing up a good guide, and normally frustrating those trying to read it. For other information about formatting feel free to look over our FAQ on Posting Help Questions, What is BB code, how do I use it, and are there more than those listed? Images Images can be useful when you are trying to highlight special points or to explain something to other users, they say an image is worth a thousand words, but when you are including images in your guides it is important to remember a few minor points. You need to keep the size of the images reasonable; there is no need to overstretch the image because this will stretch the cage. As well as keeping the size and shape of the images you need to make sure that the file size is under the maximum we allow per topic, the most we allow is 500kb. If you do not make your own images you must accredit the original artist, whether it be by adding a "Contributor" section to the bottom of your post, or by writing under each image who provided it. This is the same with content, if there is content that was not written by you please make sure you give credit to those who gave it to you. Closing Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you to create/edit guides. If you have anything you feel should be added to this guide then feel free to post it in a reply, and it will be updated as soon as possible. Keep the good user guides coming, and thanks for reading.
  5. This forum is for Guests to post requesting Help. If you are a forum Member please do not start new topics here! Please provide us with as much detail as possible. We need to know how to contact you to respond to your request! Here is a good example of how to ask for help! Please note: All topics and replies posted in this forum are post moderated(hidden) until a staff member approves them. Sorry because guests can post here this is the only way to stop spammers from thrashing this forum with spam Originally written by Mr Stormy.
  6. This is a security post for everyone. I was prompted to make this after having a nice conversation about Jagex's Authenticator. The Authenticator itself is a lovely protection system for your account, and you'd be a fool not to have activated it (unless there's some legitimate reason as to why you can't, but laziness isn't acceptable.) Even with the Authenticator enabled, you can STILL get hijacked. When it comes to passwords... Authenticator is NOT prompted when a user wishes to change an account password. Your registered e-mail is sent a confirmation link to confirm a password change. A hijacker can still change your password without needing to know your Authenticator information. When it comes to the main site... the Authenticatpr is NOT prompted upon logging into the main site. A hijacker can still use your account to create havoc on the forums A hijacker can steal / change your display name A hijacker can CHANGE your registered e-mail When it comes to in-game You still need a bank pin, the Authenticator can still get compromised if you enter your details onto an infected machine. the Authenticator DOES protect 2007 scape accounts! the Authenticator does NOT protect classic accounts! Has anyone noticed a strange connection between some of this things that I've pointed out above? That's right, it's your registered e-mail. If a hijacker can control your registered e-mail then your account is as good as gone (or at least for a while.) Did you also notice that the Authenticator doesn't stop a hijacker from changing that registered e-mail? Your Runescape account security relies heavily on your registered e-mail, even the Authenticator relies on it. Here's where we shamelessly tell EVERYONE to change to Google Mail, and use the 2-step verification system. Why? It's as good as a USB authenticator (but for your e-mail) so that if the hijacker does get your e-mail information then they still can't access it without your mobile device. High level players, and famous players (who I can't name) have been hacked recently, and some of the core issues is that they used hotmail as their registered e-mail address. Please, please, please DO NOT EVER use hotmail as your registered e-mail address because if someone tries hard enough, they can and will recover it. ... and here's a clear reminder of security tips; NEVER use your Runescape or e-mail password on fansites NEVER use your registered e-mail with fansites. It is very important to use different emails, for different websites. If someone, for whatever reason has a grudge against you, is jealous etc, and they have access to your private information, they can use it against you. Even the people you suppose to trust and be good honest people, can and possibly will do, if the opportunity arrives, put your email/accounts at risk. Please be aware about the sites you go into. Please be aware about the information you're leaving on any website. It's not just outsiders that will compromise your email/accounts. People you know are as dangerous! Lots of people, using the appropriate software (keylogger, trojan, etc.), can have access to your private information, such as emails in every website you enter. Because the harsh truth is that fansite hijackings are getting more common now, and the last thing we want is to have our community members being hijacked in the unlikely event that our databases are compromised. If I've just highlighted how vulnerable you are, then you're welcome! Post Written by former Admin: James.
  7. General Guidelines and Notices: Only RuneHQ Staff are able to post new poll topics All votes will be anonymous on the tally Guests are able to post on these topics Have your own idea for a poll? Please suggest it here! We're encouraging discussion to happen along with a vote. Due to Guest access, all posts are moderated, which means they will be invisible until a Moderator approves it. Hopefully they won't stay hidden for too long! Thanks! - RuneHQ Staff -
  8. Hello there, The feedback forum is a place where you can express new ideas for content and features that would help improve RuneHQ. If you have a complaint regarding one of our existing features or content, do not post here. Instead create a private message with the manager and admin who is in charge of that area and they will seek to resolve your issue. To see who you may need to PM with regards to your needs, see this thread. This is not a complaints forum. Thanks!
  9. Hello RuneHQ! If you are interested in starting or participating in a debate, here are a few simple guidelines that you should be following: Please be considerate of everyone elses feelings and beliefs when you post your responses, obviously you feel very strongly for your argument otherwise you wouldn't be making it, but please do not stamp on their peoples beliefs or specifically flame someone in the process, that's just not nice. Everyone has different opinions and it is these opinions that make Debates so popular. Topics such as Pizza VS Pie or Mac VS PC are personal preferences, not debates and should be posted in The Lounge. Follow the forum rules, while we are a little more relaxed on swearing in this section please do not abuse this. If you are starting to get flustered, step away and cool down before posting a response. Most of all, have fun! If you have any questions, queries or concerns please PM Myself or any of our Forum Moderators. Thanks!
  10. Hello there, When rating other people's graphical creations, please be respectful as some users will have placed a lot of effort into their creations. Produce constructive criticism, and make sure that your remarks are in no way intended to hurt the feeling of the artists. Spam posts which rate works of art lowly for no reason whatsoever will NOT be tolerated, and will be addressed by a Forum Moderator. Try to make comments that would be beneficial to the artist. What could they do better to improve their work? Have fun! - RuneHQ Staff
  11. The RuneHQ crew is always glad to see new faces joining our lovely community - but as we know, entering a new community can make you feel a bit clueless! Well not to worry, we have set up this topic in order to provide you some orientation. So! You've joined, what is the first thing you should do? We strongly recommend you that before you start posting, you take a few minutes to fully read our Forum Rules so you are aware of our code of conduct. It would be a shame to stumble upon trouble in your first days in the community! Entering the realm of RuneHQ... Firstly, we have set up multiple FAQs to answer the most frequent questions about our staffing, forum-related issues and Website, you will find those here. If the FAQs we offer didn't provide the information you were looking, know that all our staff is here to help you, so please feel free to send your concerns in a Private Message to the respective staff (for a forum concern contact a Moderator, for a submission concern a Content Editor, for IRC/Teamspeak, Graphics, Forum Battle or Social Media concerns a member of the Community Crew). However, please do not PM a Site Administrator unless it is a matter of great magnitude. As you might have noticed or not, the New Members' group forum privileges are very limited, this is not to annoy anyone, they are safety measures we have taken in order to prevent our Established Members from people such as spammers and hackers. Some of these measures include: PM restrictions: New Members won't be able to send Private Messages to masses nor email other forum members. Posting restriction: After 5 minutes have elapsed since the posting time, New Members will no longer be able to edit them. What to do in order to remove those restrictions then? You have simply to get promoted to the rank of an Established Member, to achieve this you'll have to do around 20-50 valid posts in our forums, once you've hit the right number, you will be automatically promoted. But beware! Anyone caught spamming the forums to raise his rank will be disciplined by our forum staff with a chance to have his post count reset to zero as well! But don't worry, as a New Member you will still have access to all the forums the Established Members do, this stage is just a safety measure until we hand out a few more privileges. Some links you might find interesting: Official Events forum - Where you will find all the information about our events! FAQs - Our FAQ database. Request a Teamspeak Account - Get involved with the community! Drop by our Teamspeak server to have a chat with everyone! And if you don't know what Teamspeak is, not to worry, you'll find a topic there what will explain here. The Lounge - Where we all gather to chat about anything we want! (Anything within the rules of course) IRC Chatroom guide - And if a Teamspeak server wasn't enough, we also have our own IRC server you can join for some fun! You'll find all the details you need in that topic. Content Submissions - The place all submissions for our databases are found. If you have something you'd like to submit, this is the place to post. For guidelines on making a submission take a look here. Welcome to the social, welcome to RuneHQ. -.=~RuneHQ Staff~=.- Written by Smexy Sarah
  12. If you see an ad that breaks Jagex rules, is a scam/hack/cheat site, or is a questionable site, you need to get the LINK to the site! We can filter out ads on Google, but we need the site URL, a picture of the ad is USELESS. Telling us about the ad is useless. Telling us we have ads that violate the rules is USELESS, are you getting the picture here? If you see one of these ads, pm the URL to an admin and we will add it to the filter. With that being said, Sometimes the filter does not always work. We can add it and the ad may still show up. Ads are what pay for us to run this site, without them this site is history! Unless someone out there wants to pay us thousand of dollars per month for our servers and bandwidth. These are the sites we currently have blocked:
  13. Looking for a clan? Looking to make a thread advertising your clan? Here's one way you can do it! Clan Recruitment Threads When making a clan recruitment thread, be sure you make it under 1mb! Most people usually start off with a clan banner (under 100kb preferably, however it can be any size under 1mb, but you'll see why it should be lower later on) at the top of the thread. They also have a link to their clan site embedded into the banner, but not to websites other then their clan. The way to do this is like this: [url=(insert clan site name here][/url] To get the direct image URL, using Internet Explorer, you right click the image and copy/paste the url right next to the words "Address (URL)". One example of this would be this: *Note: New Members will be unable to post links. Once you become an established member, you will have the ability to post and embed links. Next, you usually put some information about your clan. Please try to make it not offensive to anybody, and appropriate for all ages. This is pretty straightforward; you just type some text in. It can be about anything in your clan; your forums, your history, even your members! In the text remember to include type of clan, link to your website/forum, requirements to join, number of clan members, and people to contact. If you have different sections in your clan for different leveled players please include it all in one thread and not multiple threads. You can also add color by doing this: [color=(insert color you want here)]Text Here![/color] Alternately, you can use the built in color editor by simply selecting the text you want colored, and clicking the color palette. Some colors have special codes that look like this: [color=FF#000]Text![/color] These are usually in-between shades, however things like "red", "pink", "blue", and "dark red" work quite well. After the clan information, many people put a few images of clans pking. These should be limited to 2-3, and once again, make sure they're under 1mb total (along with the banner). These images can be about almost anything your clan does, from parties to skill-training to pking. Again, you can put the link to your clan site in the image by using the same method as above. Finally, you may want to just quickly sum up all of the information you've put above, and have a message saying something along the lines of "Join our clan now!" This will help users who don't want to read a huge topic and just want to get to bashing in everyone else's skulls and having a great time! "Looking For A Clan!" Threads Threads which advertise your skills that are available to help out a clan, or that say you're looking for a clan are generally short, sweet, and to the point. They basically want to make you look as appealing as possible to a clan. The skills most commonly advertised are your attack, defence, strength, hit points, prayer, magic, ranged, and your 1-2 highest skills other than those. They also usually say what kind of clan you're looking for (small, large, pking, skilling etc.) Advertising Your Clan On Another Thread Replies to threads that are looking for a clan usually have a banner in the topic and then a little information about their clan. You may not want to even put a little information in the reply and plainly put "Join Us Now!". Remember to include a link to your topic on RuneHQ and not to the actual site. When making the replies, please try to make them under 100kb this way it will not take a long time for users of RuneHQ to load the page. That is usually all you will want to put in a reply to a "Looking For A Clan!" Thread. -- If you have any questions about the clan forums, please contact a Forum Moderator. Good luck in creating a Clan Recruitment thread!
  14. When you are recruiting you will notice that your clan's topic will fall down on the page. When this happens, we allow you to "double post" (ONLY IN THIS SECTION), once every 24 hours with the word "bump". We would prefer if you had a conversation on the topic with another member of the clan, or a hopeful recruit etc., about events, turn outs, activity, that sort of thing, but if not, please resort to the fatal "bump" post. If you want your topic to be cleaned of the "bump" posts, PM a Forum Moderator and they'll clear them up! Abusing this system (ie Bumping more than several times a day) will result in a warning from a Forum Moderator. Thanks
  15. Hello there. When buying or selling items in this marketplace, please make sure that it is within the RS3 (Main Game). If you wish to buy and sell items from the Old School version of the game, please post in this forum - 07 Marketplace Thanks!