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  1. kiss my 99 u

    i know what the quest requirements are but all of the newer quests do not show up on my quest list even the novice quests
  2. kiss my 99 u

    ok thank you i will work on dungeoneering to get that but i have done all the quest req. witch there is only 3 quests it says that you need to do if there is more than that i would love to know witch ones they are so i can do them also
  3. Strength Training?

    what i did was train slayer and the stats for strength will get a lot better and you get some good drops sometimes
  4. kiss my 99 u

    ok i have a master clue that you scan that is not the problem the problem is the quest of the elven city i have all the requirements for the quest stats and the former quests to do it but it is not on my quest list and when i talk to the guy to start it he tells me that they haven't finished clearing the pass so what do i do lol