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  1. Happy birthday Keata :D

  2. 11 days until Steve invades my house for a week :D I've already started hiding all the wires..

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    2. Keata Kat
    3. Sumurai8


      *shoves bucket of milk towards Kat*

    4. Graystar


      *sneaks a packet of pretty wires to Kat*


  3. My Mum's very pregnant cat ran away just before she had her babies :( Pretty sure this is the gods saying "No Kat, you can't have your kitten yet" - but still, hope she's okay ='(

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    2. Rednar


      Before my cat had babies, I built a fortress for her out of cardboard :P. She gave birth in that :D.

    3. Kittyhawk


      Just be ready when she shows back up to follow her to her kittens. And leave some food where she can find it too, just a small amount though. You don't want to feed all the wild animals in your neighborhood, you just want a chance to support mama cat's nutrition requirements if you can.

    4. High Vortex

      High Vortex

      Hope she's okay!

  4. I need to go to this sometime! :D

  5. I need to go to this sometime! :D

  6. How would you guys feel if you made a fort and the first thing that happens when you show it off is that they rip the blanket away and claim "I'm cold". RUDE

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    2. kilvehk


      i would show them my claws and say. well we would't want you catching cold.... steel.

    3. Sumurai8
    4. Big Mac

      Big Mac

      Nah, I'd be pretty CHILL about it. Get it!? Because all of the blankets are on the fort!?? :D

  7. Funny pictures/videos

    Sorry.. big image
  8. *on minecraft* Me: I don't want to go in the nether first, there'll be a creeper waiting who blows us up.. Steve: Okay you wait and I'll go in first. *Steve gets blown up by creeper. Twice in a row.* -Kat wins-

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    2. Sumurai8


      Well, it is pretty much the only way of getting rid of a creeper, unless you want to travel hundreds of blocks just to make a second portal that doesn't link up. It get's worse when a horde of zombies goes through. That's why I like building with blocks and methods that mess up the AI of mobs :')

    3. Keata Kat

      Keata Kat

      Mmm Anthuny, they go through the portal but don't move away until you actually go through there yourself. Steve was lucky enough to get blown off the precipice we're on by the first, head back and face another without armour. It was the second time he died that I started protecting our home portal...

    4. Anthuny


      Never knew that. Then again, I always place my portal in an extravagantly decorated and well lit room.


      <.< >.>

  9. Feeling very low and not dealing with anything well, so excuse my partial absense.

    1. Cendaseth
    2. Hope


      <hugs> I can relate Kat.