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  1. Acrolo, I am not sure why anyone would fall for this scam, there are so many clues that point towards this being a scam. I guess the only reason people fall for this as with most scams is greed, when there is promise of a great profit common sense goes out the window. Remember the saying, if a deal seams too good to be true, your going to lose out big time so don't bother, ok I changed the end a bit but pretty appropriate in RS. You can't blame the scammer for your own stupidity, unfortunately that has become the norm, people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. That is true of the real world as well so don't feel too bad, in fact I use just that to earn a living, I think so others don't have to, I am supposed to train others to think but its easier to not think and if they have an accident take legal action towards the company.
  2. Anything about Bots goes here!

    I hope you said "ty"
  3. I have noticed that the doubling money scam has reduced a lot, flower games x2 seem to be the scam of the moment but I did have an experience yesterday that was rather funny. I was stood in the GE selling my slayer loot for the week and a player comes along and starts doubling money, level 137, purple phat, rhino cape and expensive gear etc, as soon as he starts a guy goes up to him, then the guy shouts omg 2 pairs of claws now, he doubled my claws, another player comes along, the scammer shouts 4m received 8m paid, another guy comes along 8m received 18m paid, yes his maths was that good and the same with another 4m, 6m and 8m, I was wondering when he was going to log but he kept doing these alleged trades, then this chap comes along, trades with the scammer and half the ge around him logged, the last word I saw was "Damn" and the guy just stood there, greed can be very expensive, I say it was funny because it was so obvious, first guy trades he just happened to have a set of claws with him then so many eager scamees, I have seen scammers there for ages without a single scam how did this guy get so many so quickly? I must admit it was orchestrated,
  4. Anything about Bots goes here!

    The introduction of the GE brought the price of dragon bones to 2k, when bots were about they were 6k, now bots have gone they have gone down to 4k. prices haven't changed that much generally its just nice to know that real players are getting the money now.
  5. Its only OK if you dont get caught and lose it all, not likely but possible. Its very unlikely to get hacked, there are people who get hacked several times, there not unlucky just careless.
  6. There are players who do the horsey game "legit" these people think they are better than the scammers, they are actually a lot worse. when you have a scammer you get scammed of your cash, its your fault, you were greedy and paid for it, with the legit player they give you a false sense of security that you can trust people, this in turn can cost people a lot more cash. Do not gamble unless you are prepared to lose everything.
  7. I have to agree with Claudia, we are not Judge, Jury and executioner, we can not take the word of 1 player above another unless we know for sure. I believe a screen shot evidence is valid as definitive proof but even that may have some legal/moral implications.
  8. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Making the most of bots, so much negativity for a group of misfits, here is a benefit. Black demons at Taverly, take a cannon and set it up in the middle of the area, if you stand on a demon that is being attacked by a bot the remaining demons become as if its a multi player area. The bots will stand or run around as you attack all the demons with your cannon, if a demon starts to hit you just stand back a bit and it starts again, you can fight a demon until it gets below half health and leave it for the bot to finish. Result is slayer task over quicker, you can collect your ashes after the bot finishes your kills. For a bit of fun take some black full helms or some burnt meat and watch some of the bots collect them. An almost guaranteed way of detecting a firemaking bot, plant a mithryl seed plant in its path and it will stand on the flower until it goes away.