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  1. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. But no Ocean is present. Wish: I wish I had a new house.
  2. Magical Experience

    You must be a genius in Magic! Gratz!!!
  3. Calculator - Crafting

    The information in our database is based on what I got from our Database when they were added by the other wonderful CE team members. If you see something incorrect, or are gathering different XP, can you add it here? Like what XP are get getting compared to what the site says? Do you have any bonus XP? Are you wearing any pieces of the crafting outfit?
  4. Runescape History Quiz!

    O.O. I will attempt this! I don't do the events for rewards, and I never claim them when I do win. I just like participating.
  5. NarcanCowboy riding off into the sunset....

    Make sure you hop back on the horse and come back to the CE team once things slow down We will miss you bud!
  6. Submission Added:Calculator - Summoning

    Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  7. Numerous One's adventures!

    Well lately I have been working on more MQC stuff. I got some stuff done Free Droalak Bandos memories Chivarly is threads Fires are mostly harmless Here was a scabaras mask Icthlarin's little chest Land of bakulla Lurgon's run Supply and Demand Get your stinkin hand off me (and that stupid one where you have to get a clue scroll from a MONKEY)
  8. mafchief's cheapskates invention dissassembly

    Gzzz soo many components! What are you gonna do when you reach maximum volume of each one?
  9. Road to Max

    Nice job! Now on to get 200M!
  10. K'rill boss pet

    Nice job! I got mine at 198 kc.
  11. Whats happened with the the Bonus XP ? no more ?

    To be fair, Jagex was being generous to give us BXP. So be thankful for what you got .
  12. Submission Added:big chompy bird hunting

    Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  13. Shield of Arrav HELP

    You no longer need a partner now for that quest (assuming you are doing it on rs3).
  14. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  15. Closed: Skill - Combat

    This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, feel free to PM me.