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  1. Your Dream Gaming Computer?

    Usually it won't matter if you buy a new, longer ethernet cable. I use this one with a few of my other platforms that are hardwired into my router. It's a Mediabridge RJ45 5e Cat cable
  2. quests

    Were having some technical difficulties with some of the code and versions on the back half after we switched hosts. Our dev Hitori Is working hard to get everything back to normal and working properly.
  3. Help please, why can I not see quest details anymore?

    Keep a look out for a post or poke one of us sometime later if the database is still down. It will hopefully be back up soon. Just had some errors that needed sorting out and stuff.
  4. So you might have heard... I like needles.

    Moo stahp depleting the market!!
  5. Starting out PVM/Bossing

    While we are on topic about degradable armor, There is often questions on if using T90 gear (armour that turns into dust at 0%) is worth it. I would honestly stick to nex armor. The T90 gear cannot be repaired. It goes to dust, where as you can repair nex armor (torva, pernix, ect....) But that is just my opinion.
  6. Mazcab Raid, Beastmaster

    I only have 2 BM kills myself but total loot from both kills around 4.5m
  7. firemaking calculator

    Ill add em when I can
  8. Profit Column wrong - Smithing

    Ill add them in when I get time. Im just super super super super busy rn.
  9. Haxorze Has Left The Community Crew

    Come back soon!
  10. Closed: member item.

    This submission has been closed and was not put up on the site. If I did not reply to this topic with a reason, feel free to PM me.
  11. Closed: member item.

    This is not a members item.
  12. Your daily/weekly/monthly To Do list?

    Daily: Homework Weekly: Homework/Edits Monthly: Homework/Edits Man my life is fun! Hah
  13. levels wrong - Smithing

    This update will be amazing... Lets just hope I can get some frwe time for this. My life has been nothing but stress lately.
  14. Safety of your account!

    Hi there fellow runescapers! I am here to discuss and remind you about a email safety. I get emails from "Jagex" often, and these are spam emails. They look like something like this. I would like to remind you that whenever you get an email like this, to check who it is from. Many as I see, do not check this, and would hit that "Continue your membership" button which probably puts a keylogger or something on your computer, allowing the person who made it to see all your passwords and jazz. When you check who its from, look at the top of the email. If the email is this then if it fake. I'd highly suggest never to press any buttons on these type of emails. If it has something to do with your account, most likely you will get it in your notification through your game client. On the top, there is a botton that looks like this . Press it and it should take you to this screen This screen you can trust. It's through the jagex client and brings you into your account details on the site. If you scrolled down to the bottom of this email because you didn't want to read this, at least take in what im about to say. ALWAYS look at who sent you the EMAIL and NEVER click links that are runescape related. It's most likely a spam email! Regards, Numerous Friendly RHQ Forum Moderator!
  15. Cashing In - Loot from 10 Triskelion Keys

    That is extremely low o: