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  1. Sumu leaves staff

    GL friend!! Come say hi soon!
  2. Congratz!!! But not impressed Now work on 120 Slayer
  3. Solak Cutting Competition

    I did like 80k the whole comp but good job winners!
  4. Blitz log

    Gratzzzzz!!! I cant live without mine!
  5. Closed: Quest - What's Mine is Yours

    This quest needs an image overhaul. Thanks for the submission!
  6. Submission Added:Quest - Glorious Memories

    Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  7. Submission Added:Buy limit is 10 every 4 hours

    Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  8. KSB Content Manager

    Gratzz bud!!
  9. Solak Cutting Competition

    Add me please!!
  10. Hax's path to redemption

    OO completionist? Next goal trimmed and MQC!!! cant wait for updates.
  11. Submission Added:Person - Turgall

    east needs to be East @DRAVAN
  12. Recommended stats/inventory for fremmenik isles (RS3)?

    Have some stat pots, so super potions, also have a prayer pot or 2, an emergency home teleport, and line the rest of ur inv with food. Make sure you can use the best gear and stuff you can use when you do the fight. Bring sharks for the fight. IIf you cant beat it with that, get a50 all combat skills then try again.
  13. Cleaning up a little....

    About time you come back!!!