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  1. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  2. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

    uh.. 1/10. I don't know you. Once again, you don't know me.
  3. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  4. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  5. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  6. I actually was involved with dicing for a while, being both the player and the operator of games. It was legit for a while but ended up losing a few million to a scammer. I learned my lesson. I have, however, been completely hacked. I had a high level 90 account and accidentally navigated to a fake log-in page and entered my info. I realized my mistake and immediately changed my password. However, the hacker was still able to completely take over my account. I tried to recover my account, but was unable to due to lack of recovery questions, so the Jagex Staff was unable to help me. Lessons: Always check the left corner and Always have set security questions.
  7. What language to deaf people think in? Mind=Blown

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brackenbury


      Of course, but what of those born deaf?

    3. Graystar


      Maybe they don't think in any language, just mental images.

    4. Khaaveren


      Assume for a moment that they're taught sign language in English. Then they'd think in English.

  8. Staff vs. Non Staff!

    -5 Go Home Brosef
  9. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  10. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

    You don't know me.