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  1. On my trail to Max, my next 99 well be fishing, then maybe thieving. =)

  2. Death To All But Metal!

  3. Made 3.2m this morning flipping, I guess today I will flip all day!

  4. Working on 90+ all skills.

  5. Well got 99 Slayer today, and made 13m from all the points. Plus did some flipping and made 3.5m =)

  6. Well Interfance and all new cool stuff came out today so it put me back 100k xp. So when I get up I will hammer 99 Slayer out.

  7. I like to keep it simple, I made it more transparent since this pic.
  8. Well, what will I get first 99 Slayer or 98 Magic? We will have to see I guess. I am hopping to get 99 Slayer tomorrow!

  9. Since I got 99 Atk, Str, Def, and Range now. I guess it's time to work on 99 Magic, while still working on 99 Slayer of course.

  10. Now time to try out my new abilitys from "The World Wakes" =)

  11. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  12. I am signing off for the night and see you guys tomorrow if you can make it! http://www.runehq.com/forums/topic/14306-chessjis-99-hp-constitution-party/

  13. Every one is welcome to come to my 99 Hp party, tomorrow. (see link) http://www.runehq.com/forums/topic/14306-chessjis-99-hp-constitution-party/

  14. Turbotax FTW! Does RS have Turbotax for all the lost money spent on items I bought before the bot inflex and EOC to get some money back? I guess not... =(

    1. FireHazard772
    2. Garagedwella


      crap, I almost forgot I still have to do my own taxes. FML

  15. Last one to post wins

    Winner winner chicken dinner.