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  1. Everybody's a Critic... but only a handful of people truly put forth effort. Which is more important?

    1. DarkPyroNinja


      Truer words have not been spoken.

  2. Baking more CE

    Welcome aboard~
  3. When you get Herbert on your alt before the main... xD http://prntscr.com/jv26fa
  4. Hito's Noob [99 Herb]

    I forgot to screenshot, but got 99 herby on my alt~ http://prntscr.com/juatrb
  5. A bit very late, but the general shop should have one at standard gp cost.
  6. Chath is correct here, so long as your character wasn't on cooldown for SoL it should activate. You can check your cooldown by right clicking the sign. If it isn't on cooldown, you will know it worked as it will have been consumed in the process. Hope this helps~
  7. Mad May Awards!

    Congrats to the winners!
  8. Looks good, thanks Chath - moving back to archives.
  9. That sounds correct @ChathMurrpau. This was an OS submission, and the OS guide seems to have been changed to state that it's not boostable and that the skills are a strict requirement. Old School's quest is still the same as it was on release in that the skills are not required to start the quest. There's a chance it's a strict requirement for RS3, I haven't done this quest on there in over a year.
  10. No, the quest doesn't require the skills at all to start the quest. If you didn't get farming experience from Fairytale I, you could literally start Fairytale II with 0exp in farming. You are required to have a visible level of 49 to pick the star, but it doesn't matter for starting the quest. The levels are not required to start the quest. They are required to finish the quest; however the are boostable. @Armahkarma
  11. Specifically a garden pie. A visible boost will work regardless of what provides it. What the guide needs to reflect: A) Stats do not need to be met to start the quest B) Farming can be boosted C) Herblore can be boosted @Armahkarma - sorry for the snappy bit, misinformation is one of my pet-peeves. Make sure that when confirming content that you're careful about confirming things. This wasn't a "what is listed as a requirement", this submission was stating that you needed 49 farming to start the quest (false) and that you couldn't boost the farming levels (false).
  12. What I am saying is that it IS NOT required to START the quest. IT IS ALSO TO COMPLETE IT WITH A BOOST. AWhich the OP said wasn't possible and the guide updated to reflect as such. The guide needs fixed to state as such again.
  13. This is untrue; the quest can be started with less than 49 farming and I've recently boosted to 49 farming and completed the quest myself. The only requirement to start is the quest requirement. No stats are required to start it.
  14. Privacy Policy Update - 27 May 2018

    In regards to user data protection, in a future forums data management I will be performing, special characters will be disallowed and display names will need to be changed. If I end up changing (fixing) your name to fit our new regulations and you are unable to change it again and would like to do so, just PM me and we will get things set straight for you. Acceptable characters will be: 0 thru 9 a thru z A thru Z _
  15. REMINDER: By [using|continued use] of our site, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Rules set by Global Gaming HQ / RuneHQ. Some people may be aware that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in the EU a couple years ago. Due to this there are necessary changes we have made to our https://www.runehq.com/privacy.php to address critical issues outlined by the GDPR. As outlined in the new Privacy Policy, and similarly our (pending) updated site rules, should you fall into proper circumstance, you can have all data related to you removed from our site via request. This process, however, IS NOT REVERSIBLE by any means. For consistency at this time, please direct all inquires about removable of data to Hitori on the forums, discord (Hitori#2051). A coded system for the removal of your personal information will be created soon, thank you for your patience on this matter whilst we further refine the process for this form of request.