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  1. Osrs the digsite

    Have you checked your quest log to see that you're on the correct step?
  2. Advice please

    Generally if it's your graphics card, other sites/clients will be affected. If it's just RS I'd say it's more likely a software issue
  3. Submission has been added to the site. Thank you for your input.
  4. Checked all the data in the calc, this appears to be the case for unfinished potions. @Numerous One do you want to take it? If not I will.
  5. Solving the tower - Master Clue Scrolls

    Back burner for now. Have to look into an algorithm for it. The one I came up with causes issues.
  6. Your daily/weekly/monthly To Do list?

    Not sure if mentioned, but Tears of Guthix as a weekly
  7. Your daily/weekly/monthly To Do list?

    I'll post "the run" for you, if you'd like. Generally it's like +500k - 2M depending on the diaries (tasks) you've completed. May not be exp, but cash is nice ;D
  8. some lvls are wrong

    Tell me about it @Numerous One xD I've been so busy with stuff lately that I haven't had much time to myself.
  9. some lvls are wrong

    This bring mining and smithing update to mind. So not looking forward to that calc rework assuming the beta stays similar to how it is xD
  10. I'll review this tonight, or tomorrow.
  11. Step 6 needs a note that the CIS fairy ring needs to be activated by paying Trossa (near the ring) a one time fee of 80K. (On mobile atm or I'd have edited it)
  12. There are quite a few new puzzles, some of which may have yet to be added. We apologize for any missing information you may run into. Thank you for letting us know.
  13. Forum Update & Pruning

    The planned maintenance is now complete. If you notice anything strange, etc., please contact me via PM or response here. (Use common sense people, if it's something that's relatively private contact me via PM)
  14. Hitori's Road to True Mastery

    I sold it on eBay...
  15. Forum Update & Pruning

    It will affect the entire site @ChathMurrpau.