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  1. 99 Attack

    Gratz, but you probably should tell your friends chat you got 99 attack. They might still think you have 98!
  2. What tastes better? The chicken or the egg?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kunio


      I dunno. They can both be made into so many different things. Although, I do love a good omelette.

    3. An Angel

      An Angel

      I suppose I eat more egg than chicken.

      Egg! But this can change depending on taste.

    4. Supremacy


      Normal taste (only cooked) : Egg. Although, with a sauce of some sort, the chicken is waaaaay better. \o/

  3. Anime Discussion

    What you said really hurt me. US Netflix only has Chaos;Head.
  4. Funny pictures/videos

    Betcha didn't see this coming either... That video got on Fox news.
  5. Going to take a step back from my not-voting-because-authoritative-action-has-not-been-taken policy. The Cardinal
  6. So I guess Capudie is not going to get punished for speaking during the night phase? Well that's a bit disappointing. Also Kitty, process of elimination leaves Capudie and Pk as the two werewolves since The Cardinal says I am not one. And also, Pk was turned from being the werewolf the last time you investigated him. For confirmation, you can either ask or look at the posts of The Cardinal.
  7. Well then that is quite interesting indeed.
  8. Capudie, by voting for your comrade, you are hurting your faction. McSwindler will not die if you don't vote to kill him. I have already taken my stance on voting.
  9. I do not belong to CapuDie! Anyway, you can just ask PK who the last werewolf is. However, I will not vote until a breaker of rules is broken!
  10. I can vouch for her not being one.
  11. Oh and role descriptions as well. Last I checked, the detective doesn't revert the person she investigates.
  12. You should reread people's roleclaims.
  13. Well you should. He brokes a rule. Now you should breaks him.Also, I don't get why we aren't voting for the confirmed wolf.