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  1. Happy birthday@%!@^

  2. Happy Birthday!!@#$^%&

  3. I wish school was free.. well.. cheaper at least. Taken my first loan out for college today..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jakesterwars


      I'm not a military type of guy, even though my family has a large history in it.

    3. Anthuny


      Well I'm the biggest nerd eveeerrrr.


      *Points at avatar*


      And I'm actively looking at joining the Airforce.

    4. Jakesterwars


      It's not really the fact of being a geek/nerd (Neek), I just don't have the thought of going into military right now.

  4. Games You're Playing

    Runescape World of Warcraft Diablo 3 Dragon's Dogma Halo: Reach Gears of War 3 My main ones are those.
  5. 6+ hours of Beta grinding for combat updates on monsters with Kass.. need a break! XD

    1. Greg


      I misread that and missed out "combat updates on monsters with..." *facepalm*

    2. Jakesterwars
    3. kassandra
  6. So I didn't know more beta invites were going out.. just got one today lol.

    1. kassandra


      Well, I'm not sure they're sending them out to the masses, but you can be recommended by other people with beta access :P

    2. Seinami


      Recommend meeee. </3

  7. What are you currently listening to?

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Dubstep remix - Daft Punk
  8. Pretty excited to try out the combat beta next weekend. :3

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    2. bigjtc


      changing phat colors?! how did you get phats in there

    3. Jakesterwars


      Well I don't enjoy PvP too much so I won't see you. @Sliverdager1

    4. senug


      I hate PvP too :D

  9. What are you currently listening to?

    ã€é‡éŸ³ãƒ†ãƒˆã€‘空色デイズã€kasane teto】
  10. Happy birthday McNub! :D

  11. So when are you gonna come back already to being an editor? :P

    1. Jakesterwars


      Well I applied but I was denied so in 30 days when I get up my activity, I'll reapply.

    2. Scott


      Oh dang, I didn't even see it! Well, it'll be awesome to have you back on the staff when you do get accepted. Like old times. :P

  12. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

  13. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  14. How famous are you on RuneHQ?

    8/10 I see you post a good bit.
  15. Staff vs. Non Staff!