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  1. I like reading threads like this the best. Give us one or two stories about your most memorable/best experience you've had within the game over the years - or however long you've played.
  2. [OSRS] Training question

    Erm? Do I ask the guy?
  3. Long story short, I'm too lazy to quest for NMZ and I've been at flesh crawlers for months now. I'm almost 90 in atk/str/def/hp and I feel it's time to move on as the bots here continue to get worse and worse. I'm here because there's no risk, my regen keeps it free, it's afk as they're aggressive for a while, etc. Is there any other spot like that? Aside from NMZ/Bandits.
  4. Holy Cow! A New Manager!

  5. What are you currently listening to?

  6. Anything about Bots goes here!

    Too many at flesh crawlers in OSRS :@.
  7. Sliver resigns

    See you around, SiLver . Way to hang in there for so long!
  8. Bands worth checking out

  9. Green Dragon Pking

    I wouldn't mind . Though, I think they're more prominent in OSRS.
  10. Another username clear-up

    Likely going to be towards the end of the month. It won't be this upcoming Monday, but hopefully the following. Then again, it'll probably be done at a time most of us work so I'm already expecting the worst with low hopes.
  11. 2017. A New Year and New... Award?

    Congrats man.
  12. Another one! #TeamFanta is on a roll@

    Welcome bud. Update that DB - make us proud.
  13. As corny, cliche, or overly selfless as it may sound.. this following screenshot depicts a sample of reasons why I to this day continue to be kind towards others and enjoy seeing these acts of kindness, gratitude and happiness (on both ends) paid forward. Before you see the screenshot I feel I need to briefly share a quick backstory prior to this PM I was sent; which is me once again AFKing another skill as I quietly watch Netflix alone tonight, no friends on my friends list with very few interactions as of late. So as you can imagine, this has made my night. I'm curious as to what you have done for others, what others have done for you and if you can still get in touch with these people.. thank them for what they've done for you.
  14. Another username clear-up

    In all honesty, this newspost makes me upset at Jagex. Name hoarding (usually for the purpose of selling) has become a massive problem with every name sweep they do do (heh) - as admitted by themselves even. So by posting this, they essentially continue to give their problem the upper hand, again. Disregarding that, isn't the criteria for clearing a name 6 months of inactivity as a F2P player and 2 years as a Member? I feel like a vast majority of players inactive for half an entire year have no plans to return.. a displayname being the least of their concern. The whole process is just a mess and I wholeheartedly hope they improve the problems with releasing the names they had last year. Am I being to pessimistic here?