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  1. Congratulations maf!!
  2. Congrats Hax!!!
  3. Congrats to all those who earned a new rank!
  4. Moo, Moooooo moo, moo, moo, moo!! translation: Moo, congrats on your new position!!
  5. Welcome Back Hax!!! Should have known you couldn't stay away
  6. Slow but steady gets things done, but don't go as slow as me!! Best of luck getting your goals!!
  7. Congrats Zandaman and Numerous! Thanks so much for doing the competition, it was quite fun!
  8. Congrats Sliver!!!
  9. So sad to read this thread. You have left some mighty big shoes to fill for being a Fly. I will miss ranting to you about stupid things while you take it all in stride. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you in game or on skype.
  10. Congrats Ksb!!!
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  13. Congrats on a much deserved recognition and promotion!!! *leaves cookie trail through the site code*
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  15. Good luck on obtaining your goals Hax. I will review your log when I am on.