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  1. congratz
  2. congrats!
  3. Congrats Bazzy!
  4. Hey everyone, Sumu has been our solid workforce in the coding part of the site for several years. Whenever we needed him he was and still is there for us. That's why today we grant him the rank of Site Development manager. This rank comes with a new tickling feather so watch out. Sumu, keep that feather away from me
  5. Grats Tri. You've been around for ages, you deserve it.
  6. late grats!
  7. welcome back!
  8. Gratz! Soon we'll be out of colors for you
  9. what took you so long? welcome back
  10. Welcome back
  11. welcome back
  12. grats scotty for beaming yourself up a level.
  13. that was the first one that came in mind when I saw the title of this topic XD
  14. Siriusly? Grats buddy
  15. welcome back scotty!!!