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  1. One day I'll actually have money to buy nice things. Until then, slayer. ;c

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tri_Killer2


      Selling Sumuari8!!!

    3. An Angel

      An Angel

      I thought I had nice things - but they're worth ziltch these days - but I'll still wear them proudly!

    4. Kunio


      I have a Bandos Helmet. It's worth 600k, but it was worth 8m when I killed Grar for it!

  2. I want to facepalm. For forgetting my stuff to the site. again. -facepalm-

  3. When in doubt, cause bloodshed. A lot of bloodshed, all in the sake of claiming your desires.

  4. I play for fun. Is that wrong? No. .3. Play for fun, not just cause xp waste. THANK YOU RS PODCASTS. THANK YOU JAGEX. <3 Thank you for saying that.

    1. Sumurai8


      Soo wrong! Bad Kairi! :o Actually, I agree with you :P

    2. Seinami


      I was about to shank you. .3.

  5. http://prntscr.com/45erf9 Yes, i'm quite enjoying the new adventurers log.
  6. BCP DROP FROM BANDOS GWD~ WOOT~ -feeling of accomplishment- <3333

    1. Shaleclaw


      Nothing like that feeling when a high-profile murder pays off! ;D

    2. Seinami
  7. I have all this inspiration for my story.. but no motivation.. ;c curses.

    1. Sumurai8


      *adds some motivation*

    2. Seinami


      motivation is hard.

  8. Got my hands on celestial handwraps. yes hello 6.5m

  9. Squeeeeeee... Guess who just got her first 99 everrrr? <3 http://i.imgur.com/He1WmHw.png

  10. I will try to play RS a bit more. Friends nearby help.

    1. Sumurai8


      *shares some DOOM and COOKIES OF DESPAIR*

    2. Kunio


      *Writes something edgy*

  11. I am very sleepy. I should stab moo for more exp

    1. Super Fly

      Super Fly

      Steak is protein

    2. Kunio


      Let me get my edgy outfit from my dark closet of despair and sorrow. EDGY

  12. I murder all the sheep.