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  1. Staff vs. Non Staff!

  2. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Thanks its good to be back! I've missed it!
  3. New to RuneHQ? Introduce yourself in this topic!

    Hey guys!! Its been a very long time since I have been on RuneHQ! Thought I would take this opportunity to re-enter the community, if any of you remember me that is! For those of you who don't..... My name is Peter (The_Wee_Ham) Originally from Northern Ireland, now living in Wales for university! I'm 19 and have a twin who no longer plays. I'm currently studying to become a Computer Systems Engineer I used to be a Moderator on RuneHQ working with Double_D_Edd =D I love movies, playing games, photography, music and sport! Feel free to add me in Runescape for a chat! Peter