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The Gatorboy : (Jul 29,2014 18:14) If only there was such thing as a Medic level. I guess constitution.
Bazzy : (Jul 29,2014 17:44) Quick 10 minute checkup with the site, holiday going well, already bought several pairs of sunglasses (the main thing I have to get every single year.)
2003 Veteran : (Jul 29,2014 17:05) Waste of xp
HAMMERTME : (Jul 29,2014 15:31) lol
McSwindler : (Jul 29,2014 15:18) I think you need a chiropractor
2003 Veteran : (Jul 29,2014 15:10) I need a laptop... Back is hurting like crazy and I don't feel like getting up to go to my desktop ;-;
HAMMERTME : (Jul 29,2014 15:00) i did thanks
The Gatorboy : (Jul 29,2014 14:33) Hammertime, please make a post in the designated thread, as stated below http://www.runehq.co...est-assistance/
HAMMERTME : (Jul 29,2014 14:21) im part of black arm
HAMMERTME : (Jul 29,2014 14:21) i need help on heroes quest anyone want to help
Everold : (Jul 29,2014 14:12) Twitch.tv/everold Im at it again, except this time im failing at araxxor.
Rednar : (Jul 29,2014 14:04) http://puu.sh/awlGj.png
ord422 : (Jul 29,2014 13:26) okey! thx.
The Gatorboy : (Jul 29,2014 13:25) Ord,if you need help with a partner quest, please post it on the designated thread as stated below. http://www.runehq.co...est-assistance/
ord422 : (Jul 29,2014 13:21) Any1 wanna do heroe's Quest? I'm Black Arm Gang, and need help from a Phoenix Gang member.
The Gatorboy : (Jul 29,2014 13:19) Haha no problem Veteran, I've got your back
2003 Veteran : (Jul 29,2014 12:42) Ah, thanks Gatorboy :D
Darkestnigh : (Jul 29,2014 11:58) Okay
The Gatorboy : (Jul 29,2014 11:53) Hey both of you, if you need any help with a partner quest, please make a post in the designated thread, here is the link: http://www.runehq.co...est-assistance/
Darkestnigh : (Jul 29,2014 11:49) Can anyone help i cant chat on any world..


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About Me

A little Info about me:
- I'm a big fan of metal music, Most notably Metallica, Megadeth, Dio and Dream Theater, among many others.
- I like pancakes
- I'm a very avid Gamer (mostly FPS and a little RPG)
- My favourite Food is chocolate
- I don't care how people see me
- I may come across as rude sometimes, but only because I don't empathize well with others (I don't recognize the emotions of others well, A side-effect of having Asperger's Syndrome)
- I'm Ginger (And proud :D)
- Couldn't care any less about how I look
- Zodiac sign is The Taurus (Bull)
-I like to draw pentagrams on random things... not sure why, although peoples' reactions are priceless
- My favourite movie is 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', especially the black knight scene
- I'm not a very emotional person (although the cut-scene of guthix dying in The world wakes almost brought a tear to my eye)
That's pretty much it... Oh, and my favourite colour is white :3

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    Gaming, Watching old childhood TV Shows (You know, GOOD TV Shows), annoying people and many other things.

    And RuneScape. Can't forget RuneScape.
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