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Toeby : (Apr 15,2014 22:32) round 2, ehh?
Toeby : (Apr 15,2014 22:31) mhmm.
Barabas69 : (Apr 15,2014 22:12) and getting ready to mosey around these boards
Barabas69 : (Apr 15,2014 22:12) i added you in game
Barabas69 : (Apr 15,2014 22:11) hiya bud!!
Super Fly : (Apr 15,2014 22:09) Signed my life away to the red team
Toeby : (Apr 15,2014 21:38) hi
Senex Seni : (Apr 15,2014 21:32) Hello Ted
Barabas69 : (Apr 15,2014 21:29) hello all
Super Fly : (Apr 15,2014 20:37) This minigame is fun but gets frustrating because of the dynamics of Runescape point and click moving
Mitorad : (Apr 15,2014 18:40) Nomnom
Shaleclaw : (Apr 15,2014 17:56) Oh the joys of closed-source.
Super Fly : (Apr 15,2014 17:36) There is nothing they can do about battle bugs, we just have to deal with it
Tatty613 : (Apr 15,2014 17:26) :ermm: Tutorial says u can't attack ur guild "You can attack everyone that is alive and not in your guild (unless they have decided to quit playing the battle game." so attack via profile is a bug.
Bob : (Apr 15,2014 16:51) You can attack fellow Guild members by going to their profile ---> "IbPro Battle"
Tatty613 : (Apr 15,2014 16:50) WTH??? How did I get attacked by a fellow Brony and lose 10% of my frags? :black_eye:
Sumurai8 : (Apr 15,2014 14:43) ¡Nomnomnom!
Mitorad : (Apr 15,2014 13:20) Nomnomnom
Tatty613 : (Apr 15,2014 12:26) :D And he breaks into the Frag Leader board!
kingofkingzz : (Apr 15,2014 12:22) Tasmia Begum:) Directioner,,Onedirecion Rules k??;/


American Football - Who will be crowned King in 2013?

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#1 Nofu


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 12:42 PM

After the draft, trades, and personnel shifts, who do you think will be crowned Super Bowl Champs?

Again, this is a hard thing to do without even the preseason but it's always fun to debate against the other teams.

Personally, I would want to say my team, but they aren't "dominant". If I had to give my 2 cents, it would be the 49ers. Not only did they not lose players, they gained some play-makers. Dominant defense and a run first offense has always been a recipe for success.




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#2 Claudia


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 02:43 PM

The Patriots, duh.

I almost want to say that Buffalo is going to be great this year, but that's what I said last year and look at how that ended up.

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#3 Shaleclaw


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:15 PM

Pfft. The Cardinals are going to beat the Niners into the ground twice this year on their way to the Super Bowl! B)
...or at least that's what the fan in me wants to see happen. :(

The Cards defense is already quite good; it can match up toe-to-toe against most offenses and it makes things happen. It's the fact they're on the field for 40 minutes of the game and giving the ball back to an offense that can't score that's the problem for them. If Kolb or Skelton step up this season and get the offense rolling, they have a team that could possibly give the Niners a run for their money for the lead in the NFC West and surprise everyone.

Realistically though, I anticipate we'll see the Niners and Pats playing in February.

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#4 Claudia


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:35 PM

Ooh, now that I think about it 49ers-Patriots would be epic. My dream was Packers-Pats but that never happened. :(

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#5 Zingy


    Wise Werewolf

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:42 PM

I'll take somebody out of the NFC North (other than the Vikings). The Packers are still a strong contender. Meanwhile, the Bears have Matt Forte, Jay Cutler (who played well last season), and a dependable defense. And then you have the Lions (my hometown team). To be honest, I think that they underpreformed last year. The defensive line has more potential than it showed last year. The secondary was quite good until injuries occured. Meanwhile, the offensive line should improve slightly, the passing game should develop even further (barring injuries), and the running game can't get any worse.

Outside of the NFC North, I think that the Denver Broncos have some potential. Their defense was stellar last season (not sure if they lost anybody). The running game flourished in a mostly one dimensional offense. And then of course, they added Peyton Manning. They're definately my team to watch.

However, I'm going with the Lions, mostly because this is the first time I honestly believe that they could pull it off.

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#6 Anthony


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:47 PM

not only because I am a Patriots fan , but it is kind of obvious that we want that win more than ever now haha. We trade up in the draft (which we never do, we always trade out). Picking up 2 1st rounders, filling a ton of wholes in the defense that we needed back-ups for (seeing last season using a lot of special teams reserve players), and we did fine last season, making it to the super bowl. On top of all that we sealed two key players to longer contracts in the names of Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski (Gronk now being the highest payed Tight end in the game, which is not a suprise at all seeing as he broke 2 tight end records last season only being his second year, and while having a busted knee). It's going to be a Pat-tastic season


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