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Super Fly : (Apr 21,2014 1:23) Rouge!
Barabas69 : (Apr 20,2014 21:51) Red!!
Tatty613 : (Apr 20,2014 20:37) :sick:
Tatty613 : (Apr 20,2014 20:37) green ppl got ... :jester: no-body, da-dum-dum
Bazzy : (Apr 20,2014 19:51) Pfft, Blue ftw
RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 20,2014 19:09) Teal ftw!
3ter 1 : (Apr 20,2014 19:02) *yawn*
Toeby : (Apr 20,2014 18:45) Purple!
Smexy Sarah : (Apr 20,2014 18:32) Peaches ^_^
Scooty : (Apr 20,2014 18:32) Its all about us orange peoples as there is so many of us :L
James : (Apr 20,2014 18:30) BLUE FTW
Scooty : (Apr 20,2014 17:16) :)
DRAVAN : (Apr 20,2014 16:40) :)
Scooty : (Apr 20,2014 16:24) Happy Easter to you aswell Dravan
DRAVAN : (Apr 20,2014 16:21) Happy Easter
Scooty : (Apr 20,2014 16:00) hello peoples :D
Super Fly : (Apr 20,2014 15:15) Woah mass gainz
Rednar : (Apr 20,2014 13:11) What did you do, Costa?
Quisque : (Apr 20,2014 12:16) Nice.
Dr Costa : (Apr 20,2014 11:55) http://puu.sh/8gqxh.jpg

Dat XP


I remember back when I was a noob...

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 07:22 AM

You know, casually strolling through Lumbridge swamp and then being killed by a giant rat, I thought I wouldn't ever see my full iron again.

The first time I killed a unicorn and being proud of myself and none of my friends being able to kill it.

The time when I thought I wouldn't ever be able to put together 200k for my full rune set :') I miss being a noob.



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#22 Sweetneat


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Posted 06 May 2012 - 08:36 AM

I remember doing the tutorial when I first ever started, and getting stuck on it for over half an hour. I got stuck trying to cast a spell..

Apart from that I haven't done a lot of stupid things.. well apart from dying through the troll whilst you were mining (when the random events could still kill you). I swear it happened 4-5 times before I found out why I kept magically dying.