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Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 16:59) Liar! :butcher:
Spark : (Apr 18,2014 16:58) Apparently i lied
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 16:57) tri_killer2 is fc
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 16:52) ok I'm there lol
Spark : (Apr 18,2014 16:48) Yeah that's definitely 100% the friends chat we're using
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 16:46) oh it changed lo
Spark : (Apr 18,2014 16:45) If you're coming along to our Crystal Tree hunt it starts in 1 hour: World 60, Friends Chat: RichardRahl6
Kittyhawk : (Apr 18,2014 16:15) Nice, now its up to deciding what to stream
Super Fly : (Apr 18,2014 15:59) Yay!
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 15:59) Yay! Now what's twitch? Lol
James : (Apr 18,2014 15:56) .... and we're live!
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 14:44) Welcome CapnObvious and clanascent!!
Sliver : (Apr 18,2014 14:15) RuneHQ Crystal Tree hunting event starts in 2 hours 45 mins! World: 60 FC: Tri Killer2
CapnObvious... : (Apr 18,2014 13:52) Tri_Killer2 are u there ?
Sumurai8 : (Apr 18,2014 12:17) Countdown timer is not set up again...
Mitorad : (Apr 18,2014 12:15) nomnom
RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 18,2014 12:04) that is robin when batman isn't around xD
Rednar : (Apr 18,2014 12:03) http://i.imgur.com/vfi7FD3.gif
RoYALxBeARD : (Apr 18,2014 11:32) I have never bossed so I would be of no help haha
Barabas69 : (Apr 18,2014 11:31) Runs to Help & Advice section :banana:


What time is the event for my country/state? Guide: How To Use The Time Conversion Clock

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 03:58 AM



The Time Converter:

What time is the event for my country/state?

If you are in confusion when the event will take place for you, use this time converter to solve your problem!

How do I use it?

The first thing you want to do is find what time it will be for GMT. Every RuneHQ event will say what time it is for GMT.

The best way to explain something is to make an example out of it. To start, let's say the event will start at GMT 7PM. The first thing you want to do is add the time of the event. Add the correct time and the date (12th of November in this case) the event will be on.


After you click 'submit', you will be directed to a page with two times. The first time is the previous data you added from before and the second time is the exact time it will be in the country of your destination.

Let's say that you the time for New York. You would go to the white box with a country name and go to United Stated - New York. After selecting the country/state, a time will appear underneath it. This is the exact time it will be for the event where you are.


I am still confused!

If you are still having trouble acquiring the time, please notify an Events Team member or any RuneHQ staff.

Hope that helps!

-The Events Team

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