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Misty Fuzzy : (Oct 21,2014 5:42) Thanks for an awesome Castle Wars event last night. Because I only just made a clan, your events are going to be a great way to get stuff going so look out for us lot pestering you in future events ;)
senug : (Oct 20,2014 17:51) My journey home took longer then expected
Misty Fuzzy : (Oct 20,2014 16:51) Everyone come to RuneHQ Castle Wars Event in 9 minutes on World 60 in the fc: sliver - I brought my clan along - bring your friends! :D
Sliver : (Oct 20,2014 16:37) RuneHQ Castle Wars event starts in 23m! World: 60 FC: Sliver
senug : (Oct 20,2014 16:05) If I can make it, I'll probably be a bit late anyway. About 10-15 mins due to travelling home from work (at this time I know :P )
senug : (Oct 20,2014 16:03) I hope I can make it :)
Sliver : (Oct 20,2014 16:02) RuneHQ Castle Wars event starts in 58m! World: 60 FC: Sliver
senug : (Oct 20,2014 14:03) Ooo sounds nice. I like CoD games, and have played all up to Black Ops :D
RoYALxBeARD : (Oct 20,2014 13:46) blacks op 2, act like a dead body by the bomb basically
senug : (Oct 20,2014 13:40) Ummm. Ninja defusing? Which CoD game is that then? :)
senug : (Oct 20,2014 13:40) Yeah 99 strength indeed is awesome :) OK once I get it, I'll do a party. But I'll need to make my house worth it, it's no good atm :D Or maybe I won't do a house party :D
2003 Veteran : (Oct 20,2014 13:35) Forgot how much fun ninja defusing on call of duty is xD
Misty Fuzzy : (Oct 20,2014 13:28) There we go :P And what do you mean "even if" that is awesome!
senug : (Oct 20,2014 9:31) Then again @ Fuzzy and Champ, I guess a first 99 is worth a party, even if it is Strength :D
Bazzy : (Oct 20,2014 4:35) Also, BOOM: https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be
Bazzy : (Oct 20,2014 3:33) Guys please use the corresponding thread linked at the top of the shoutbox for all oartner quest requests.
Barnfather : (Oct 20,2014 0:32) Need shield partner doesnt matter what gang ill just do opposite
Marzanna : (Oct 19,2014 23:37) So I crashed steam by uninstalling too many games at once..
gandon : (Oct 19,2014 20:50) anyone need a black arm member
ChampLance : (Oct 19,2014 19:52) I like fuzzy's thinking. :P


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Posted 06 September 2014 - 10:00 AM

Shameless Selfie



At Comic Con


Trying to take a nice nerdy shot of my new controller (emphasis on the trying)


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 07:47 AM

Here's another one from my trip!  We found a really run-down bridge that was no longer in use and decided to dance under it. I promise you it was classier (and cleaner) than it sounds. 




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Posted 08 October 2014 - 09:22 PM

Hipster glasses nerd; pair one of six :P With (overpriced) RuneScape tee-shirt!



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