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I went a concert... Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

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#1 DJ Phox

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Posted 09 September 2012 - 03:40 AM

And it was so awesome! I have always wanted to see Slash live. I finally got the chance!

I got to the venue about 5:30pm, doors opened at 8pm, keep up with me, that's 2.5 hours of standing :( outside :( :( in the 100+ degree F heat :'( worth it though cause once I got in... I was 2nd row right in front of Slash himself... hell yeah! only possible way to get a better spot would have been to buy VIP tickets to get in about 10 min sooner than everyone else cause everyone in front of me for at least 10 people to either side had vip tickets and the guy to my left was next to me in line.... so yeah wasn't gonna be much better without spending an extra $200

At about 8:40 the 1st opening band came on. It was a local band called Foxy Dangerous, I have to imagine it was a great honor for them to be the 1st opening act for Slash. Not much to say about them. lead singer was a babe, music was rock... wasn't awesome wasn't bad. 3/5 stars

They only did 4 songs and after they cleaned up their gear (all 3 bands had their own drum set haha and as each one finished they disappeared 1 by 1 haha), about 20 min later the 2nd opening band came on stage. This was Foxy Shazam and they were much much better. Very high energy, singer doing somersaults on stage while singing, leapfrogging onto guitarists back and singing while he plays, keyboardist going nuts and in the last song sending his keyboard crowd surfing in the front few rows while he stood on baricade and played it (i got a few pics of that). words nor pics can do it justice. I will warn you now, singer does swear and I have not watched all of the following video. but this should give you an idea of their craziness. don't watch it if you afraid of them (possibly) swearing. it's 2012 though so if you can't handle a little bit, please turn off your pc cause you'll see and hear much worse somewhere else...

Once they finished their thing they took their stuff off stage and it was now about 9:30pm. so It has now been 4 hours of standing. back is getting sore, feet sore and I'm wearing my slash costume (wig and hat) since 8 pm. It's quite warm... starting to sweat but I'm stubborn and won't give up!!! About 10pm Slash's roadies got the gear all set up and they get a little bit of intro soundeffects and what not and finally start the show.... man if you thought people screamed loud during a natral disater crisis, you aint heard nothing yet! crowd was just wow!
lot of good songs. Stuff from Slashes guns n roses days, slash's snake pit, velvet revolver and some of his newer solo stuff. By the time he started I was already sore as hell and hot as hell. Crowd was packing in around me like sardines. I managed to last it out till about 11:10pm and then my back was screaming at me. I had no space at all to stretch. i litteraly had less than 2" of moving room. I tried outreaching my arm to the barrier but there was just no room to lean or stretch. finally about 11:30 I gave up and moved to the sidelines, found some railing i could lean on but people kept moving it around. At about 11:50 I gave up all the way, grabed some water and went to another stage to sit down. Stayed there till about 12am when The encore started. put my costume on and made my way back to the main stage area. caught the end of the 2nd to last song and all of the last one, paradise city! I didn't get back to whrere I was but oh well... i could not stand the pain any longer :(

Show was over about 12:15 am. made my way to the train station and took that up to north central austin (kramer station for any local who might be reading this) and had to take a taxi from there. we have some late ngiht buses but none that took me as close to home as kramer station. cost me about $15 for the taxi... not even 5 miles... taxi's fail

anyways here's a slide show of all the pics i took. I was post all the links and or images but there's just too many. first 4 pics are foxy dangerous, 2nd set is foxy shazam and 3rd set is Slash

I know that was a lot to read... but it was a very good show. overall I did about 6-7 hours of standing. I'm still a bit sore over 24 hours later! worth it though! I look forward to seeing him performe again and I intend to find a way to see shazam again.


#2 Greg


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Posted 09 September 2012 - 01:27 PM

I'm guessing you had a good time, you seem to keep going on about it. :P Glad you enjoyed it! :D
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Thanks for the awesome signature Buck! :D

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#3 DJ Phox

DJ Phox

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Posted 09 September 2012 - 05:00 PM

the words "good time" do not do it justice... I had an epic time!