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senug : (Dec 27,2014 6:21) Going to do some Slaying this weekend :) but first, I gotta mix the unfinished potions and get some herblore xp :D
Marzanna : (Dec 26,2014 22:02) I really need to sell you my needles asap >_>
cowlover : (Dec 26,2014 20:01) thanks everyone <333 (i still want your needles)
Sarawr : (Dec 26,2014 19:08) Happy Moo day ^_^
Sliver : (Dec 26,2014 16:46) RuneHQ Kalphite King event starts in 15 mins! World: 67 FC: The Cardinal
Super Fly : (Dec 26,2014 15:58) Happy needles day m00
RyanGetsNoDrops : (Dec 26,2014 15:58) happy bday moo!!!!
Haxorze : (Dec 26,2014 13:49) Happy birthday moooo! :birthday:
Katalex : (Dec 26,2014 13:03) Happy Birthday Moo
Tri_Killer2 : (Dec 26,2014 10:43) Happy birthday moo. #moo #eatburgers #don'teatmorechicken
Supremacy : (Dec 26,2014 10:39) Happy birthday Moo! I wanted to make a special message, but Hope already took care of it. Nonetheless, MOO-MOO!!!
Sliver : (Dec 26,2014 10:25) Happy birthday, Moo! :D
Hope : (Dec 26,2014 7:17) :birthday: to our crazy-cow-loving-chicken-suited-needle-collecting MOO-MOO
senug : (Dec 26,2014 3:29) Moo will definitely want those. :) oh and Happy Birthday Moo Marz has some good birthday prezzies for you :P
Shadows : (Dec 26,2014 3:01) :bomb_ie:
Marzanna : (Dec 26,2014 2:04) hmm.. 300k needles in my bank.. wonder who would want those..
senug : (Dec 25,2014 18:57) :o Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............. Merry Christmas to you too
Terr : (Dec 25,2014 17:45) Merry Christmas y'all
MrStormy : (Dec 25,2014 16:59) :evil_laugh5: :fight: :thanks: :santa:
Bazzy : (Dec 25,2014 16:58) Why is my Steam being invaded


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RuneHQ Featured Member, formerly known as Member of the Month, is an award the RuneHQ Staff has given out since the very beginnings of RuneHQ for members who do an excellent job of helping us make the site such a wonderful place. Every two months we scout the boards looking for a member who stands out above others to receive the award.

Here are a few of the things we look for:

* Follows the rules and sets a good example for others
* Helps contribute to the site - submissions, ideas or suggestions, reporting posts, etc.
* Helps other members who may be having problems or need a question answered.
* Participates and keeps the boards active and friendly.

We want to reward our loyal members and as always say thanks to our members. We really appreciate you choosing RuneHQ as your place to hang out and get the information you need for RuneScape.

What is a Featured Member? Is this an award?

You bet it is! Featured member is a way to recognize our beloved members. It's essentially a new start for what was previously known as Member of the Month. But with this change, everyone can nominate candidates for the Featured Member award. We shall be choosing the Featured Member for RuneHQ every 2 months, so the first one will be for the period of January-February.

Who should I nominate? Can I nominate staff members?

No, you can not nominate staff members. This award is for us staff to show our appreciation to our community members. You can nominate someone (again, only non-staff) who is active on RuneHQ and has made a difference to your stay here. It could be someone who is constantly making interesting posts that you just love to read. Or maybe someone who is very helpful answering all your RuneScape questions. Or maybe someone who has just written a smashing new guide on the latest quest that you really found helpful. Or maybe the person is a life and soul of RuneHQ Ventrilo, IRC or clan chat. The person has to have RuneHQ forum account, though. Staff can not be nominated because Featured Member is designed specifically to celebrate non-staff members ONLY.

How can I nominate someone?

If you think of someone deserving, then just send a PM with this person's forum name to either Double D Edd or Graystar and add a short explanation why you think this person deserves to be RuneHQ's Featured Member. We'll treat your nomination as confidential information and won't tell anyone who you nominated.

What happens after I send in my nomination?

We collect all the nominations, put those up for a vote amongst staff, who will pick the winner!
The winner gets announced in our forums and gets a neat under-banner and Featured Member icon to show off. The member's name and RuneScape character will be displayed on the site. There are also some nifty prizes, but that's a secret. Stick around to find out!

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