The Wilderness is one of the most dangerous yet exciting places in Runescape. Player killers (Pk'ers) are out for your blood! Non-playable characters (NPC's) want your items! It is advisable that only players adept at surviving should wander into the mysterious, yet sometimes unforgiving lands of the Wilderness.

One of the biggest threats in the Wilderness comes from the Teleblock spell and Ancient Magiks. Ancient mages have the ability to attack you at such long distances that you cannot counter attack with range or magic. Ice spells are a popular choice amongst Ancient mages, as they render you immobile for a period of time. If you are attacked you will be engaged in battle until someone dies or no one attacks for 10 seconds. Taking runes to cast the Snare spell is a good idea as it will hold your enemy for 10 seconds, giving you precious time to run away and log out. Always take enough runes to cast the spell five times just in case the spell fails. Another thing to look out for is Mud pies. If a mud pie is thrown at you by an attacker it will drain 50% of your energy!

Without proper supplies your trip may have a tragic ending. Here is what I take when venturing into the land called the wilderness.

A Nice way for anyone to get more fond of the wilderness is to explore it. On a quiet night, try a world with very few people. Go into the wilderness with NOTHING on or in your pack in case you die. This should help you fell better because it allows you to have a feel for what it is like up there.

For Members


What to wear

  • Dragon Dagger ++
  • Cape of Legends
  • Anti dragon breath shield (when running away, don't get caught in the dragon pit without this)
  • Monk Robes (for prayer bonus)
  • Ring of life (only works to level 30 wilderness)

Inside Pack

What to have in your pack

  • 8 lobsters (lobsters are the minimum, take more food if needed)
  • 1 Super anti-poison
  • 1 Super attack
  • 1 Stat restore
  • 1 Prayer restore
  • 20 Water runes
  • 20 Earth runes
  • 15 Nature runes
  • 10 air runes
  • 2 law runes
  • If on Treasure Trail remember: Clue, Watch, Sextant, Chart and a spade
  • If all this is inside your pack you will have 11 spaces for whatever else you want, unless you are on a treasure trail then you will have 6 spaces.

Remember never open a casket in the wilderness! For more information about clues in the wilderness refer to the Treasure trail guide.

For All Non-members


  • Rune Battle-axe
  • Cape
  • Anti-Dragon Fire Shield/Rune Kite
  • Holy Symbol
  • Monk Robe

Inside Pack

  • 1 Law Rune
  • 3 Air Rune
  • 1 Fire/Water Rune
  • Strength Potion (4)
  • Optional - Maple Shortbow
  • Optional - 150-175 Adamanite Arrows
  • Optional - Full Green Dragonhide
  • Food (Lobsters or swordfish)

The Anti-dragonfire shield is a must for mages and a huge plus for melee. Magic users can wield it and have no anti magic bonus. Melee can use it to help protect against all types of magic. Another helpful hint is when being chased, run and stand in the green dragons for a few moments. Anyone chasing you is dead meat if they didn't bring their shield!

Golden Rules

  1. Never take anything you are not prepared to lose into the Wilderness.
  2. Plan ahead. Know where you are going, how to get there and how to get away if you are attacked.
  3. Be prepared to run. Ensure that your run energy is topped up at all times.
  4. Make sure your Prayer is full before you begin your journey.
  5. If you encounter anyone, try to log out before they attack.

Places to Avoid

Unless you are on a Treasure Trail or you have a death wish, try to avoid the following places:

  • Rune Rocks
  • The Axe hut just north of the Mage arena (popular treasure trail clue) - level 56

    The Axe Hut

  • The Mage arena! Avoid this at all costs!!!!! - level 54
  • The deserted keep teleportation lever - level 55
  • Dark Knights' fortress (popular with magic users because of rune spawn) - level 19

    Dark Knights' Fortress

  • Green Dragons (member worlds) - level 36 are 14

    Green Dragons

  • Rouges castle (great place to train thieving see how to use safely later in guide) - level 51
  • The wilderness agility course - level 56
  • Greater Demon spawn - level 46
  • Hellhound spawns - level 47
  • Sapphire spawn - level 27
  • Muddy Key chests - level 37
  • Chaos rune spawn - level 28

Sidenote:If a web has been cut, some one has been there within the last 5 minutes.

Heres a link to a VERY HANDY map: RuneHQ Wilderness Map.

If you need to go to the high level wild, always follow the extreme east or west side, I have never spotted anyone near the sides. I advise against the teleportation lever in Ardounge, sure it might be fast but theres always Pker's hanging out where the lever takes you.

The rouges at the rouges castle are a great way to train thieving. Once in awhile, you can even steal some wine from them, to help heal you. If all the doors are close, you seal yourself in so you have ample time to react. Unless someone logs in and they are inside the castle! In which case log out, there is a delay of a second or two when the login in screen pops up.

The Castle

Heres a mini-map view of all the doors in the castle:

Mini Map

Want 'A Pizza the action' at the Bandit Camp? Again only take a few items or wear nothing, but take a few extra coins with you in case you burn a pizza. Tomatoes and cheese spawn there and you can buy dough from the chef at the camp. Make your pizza and sell it to the store, rinse and repeat. If you do get attacked simply eat a pizza, they heal a few hipoints per half eaten (depending on the type of pizza).

Wilderness Teleportation

There are six portals located at various levels in the Wilderness that can teleport players around the Wilderness. These portals can only teleport to each other and each teleport is random!

The following are Ancient Magiks teleport spells.

  • Dareeyak teleport (level 78 Magic required) ~ Teleport to Wilderness (level 22) ruins west of Bandit Camp
  • Carrallangar teleport (level 84 Magic required) ~ Teleport to Wilderness graveyard (northwest of Chaos Temple)
  • Annakarl teleport (level 90 Magic required) ~ Teleport to Wilderness Demonic Ruins (furthest northeast area of F2P Wilderness)
  • Ghorrock teleport (level 96 Magic required) ~ Teleport to Wilderness level 44 Ice Plateau

When Exploring the wretched wilderness, you may get asked to join a team, this is normal, and sometimes, being in this team, and wearing/holding REALLY good items, can end up in your death. PKers only go into the wilderness, to kill others and make money. The next time you get a request to join a team, the best answer is, NO. I've found that this works in a way, and unless you're teaming with somebody you know really well, stay away from a team.

When in a clan on a player killing trip, you should not rely on them. When I was at a Joint-Clan-Raid, I brought a few lobbies, thinking that the 2 clans, put together, would be enough for me. We ended getting massacred, due to the lack of food, and the lack of organization. Organization, is a key to Clan Raids. You need to know who's in charge at all times, where to go, a rally point incase others get separated, and more. The death of the organization, brings the death of every member.

Finally the close to this guide! Happy surviving! Always be on the look out!

Gate Open

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